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LIST OF PLAN SCHEMES 2002-2003 Crop Husbandry

1. Grass Root Level Support System for Agricultural Development at the Panchayat Level
        The outlay of the scheme is for strengthening the basic level support system of the department and revamp according to the arising needs. The following are the infrastructural development programmes, viz. Agriculture Information Centres, Software Agricultural Portal, Training to Officials, Capital outlay for the construction of Krishi Bhavan offices and District level offices
The expenditure incurred from the Head of Account : 2401-00-001-89 4401-00-001-99

2. Sustainable Development of Rice based Framing System
        The objective of the scheme is to implement a package of measures capable of augmenting rice productivity and make cultivation more profitable by reducing per hectare cost of cultivation and adopting modern farming technology through a group approach. Under the scheme the following components are implemented, viz, Input subsidy, Assistance to paddy development agencies etc. The expenditure incurred from the Head of Account : 2401-00-102-90

3. Coconut Based Farming System
        This scheme aims at increasing the production and productivity of coconut by providing irrigation facilities, supply of quality planting materials, adoption of systematic plant protection measures, scientific fertiliser application, promotion of multi-species cropping, mixed farming system and product diversification. Following components will be implemented under this scheme viz, Mite control, Production of high yielding variety of coconut seedlings and distribution, Providing irrigation facilities, Cut and removal of coconut, Fertiliser application etc.The expenditure incurred from the Head of Account : 2401-00-103-87

4. Agricultural Farms
        The main objective of the scheme is to augment the production of planting materials in the farms suitable to the locality.The State Provision will be utilised for the following components viz, purchase of newly evolved genetic materials from Kerala Agricultural University and other Research Institutions, Increasing the area under progeny orchard of different crops, Purchases of inputs like manures and fertilisers, PP chemicals etc., required for the production of planting materials, increasing irrigation facilities by purchasing pumpsets, laying pipelines etc. For any minor works to be undertaken in the farms not more than Rs. 30,000/-. Other contingencies in connection with production of planting materials. The expenditure incurred from the Head of Account : 2401-00-104-91 4401-00-104-98

5. Integrated Nutrient Management System
        The scheme intends to promote usage of organic manures so as to maintain and to enhance the fertility level of soil.The following components will be implemented viz, Promotion of bio-fertilisers, Vermi-nursery, Strengthening of soil/ Pesticides/ Fertiliser/ Bio-fertiliser/ Laboratories, Execution infrastructure. The expenditure incurred from the Head of Account : 2401-00-10-97 4401-00-105-97

6. Integrated Pest Management System
The scheme intends to have a full fledged pest/ disease surveillance system in predominant rice growing areas, creating awareness among farmers, adoption of suitable eco-friendly integrated pest/disease management system and thereby to enhance the production and productivity of the crops. The total outlay of State Budget is set apart for following components viz, Maintenance of light traps, Mobile Agro Clinic, Rapid Action Wing. Rodent Control, Execution Infrastructure.
The expenditure incurred from the Head of Account : 2401-00-107-83

7. Farm Information and Communication
        This scheme is intended to equip Farm Information Organisation to cater the multiple nature of information support demanded by the media as well as local bodies. A full fledged information-cum-Data Centre at the Head Quarters with appropriate system for regular reporting and delivering information with modern communication system has to be established. The FIB should be equipped with all modern communication systems including own building and upgraded quality of services.The Farm Information Bureau will continue to conduct farm news service including publication, farm fairs and exhibitions, video production, organising farm book corners, farm feature service etc. Availing more publicity charges from public sector undertakings, additional resources will be mobilised for publishing "Kerala Karshakan", a biweekly agricultural publication. The expenditure incurred from the Head of Account : 2401-00-109-84 4401-00-104-99

8. Crop Insurance
        The crop insurance fund created at the state level is intended to provide compensation to the insured 25 major crops, in the event of damage due to natural calamities. The outlay is for meeting the government contribution for crop insurance fund scheme. The crops covered under this scheme are Coconut, Arecanut, Rubber, Cashew, Tapioca, Plantain (Banana, Kappa, Palayankodan, Robusta), Pineapple, Pepper, Cardamom, Ginger, Turmeric, Coffee, Tea, Cocoa, Sesamum, Groundnut, Vegetables, Nutmeg, Clove, Betelvine, Pulses, Tuber crops, Sugarcane, Tobacco, and Rice. Compensation will be given for loss of insured crops due to natural calamities like drought, storm, cyclone, flood, land slip, forest fire, sea erosion, earthquake and lightning.The state premium of National Agricultural Insurance scheme will also be met from this outlay. The expenditure incurred from the Head of Account : 2401-00-110-99

9. Small Farm Mechanisation & Agricultural Engineering Service
        This scheme is intended for promotion of mechanisation in agricultural sector by introducing suitable equipments and farm machineries with the primary aim of increasing productivity, minimizing cost of cultivation and overcoming difficulties caused by labour shortage in peak seasons. The following components will be implemented viz, Adoption of new suitable equipments/machineries & its popularisation, Machanisation of Padasekhara Samithies, Research and Development supports to develop prototypes for specific purpose, Procuring Farm Machineries, Agricultural Engineering Service. The expenditure incurred from the Head of Account : 2401-00-113-90 4401-00-113-99

10. Vegetable Promotion Programme

        So as to attain self sufficiency in the field of vegetables production in the state, cultivation in the rainy, winter and summer seasons will be promoted. Efforts will be taken to formulate more number of haritha sanghams and thereby increasing the farmers participation in this field.Under the State Sector provision, following components will be implemented viz, Intensive vegetable development programme, Plant protection equipments, School vegetable garden, Assistance to non-governmental & Charitable organisations, Vegetable meals, Haritha Karshaka Sanghamam etc., Vegetable seed kits, District level functions. Awards are being provided to the best Haritha Sangham, schools, voluntary organisations etc. in order to generate a healthy competition in vegetable cultivation. The expenditure incurred from the Head of Account : 2401-00-119-98 (04)


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