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            There are 702 Miscellaneous Co-operatives organised under the control of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies, These include Live Stock Societies, Farming Societies Irrigation Societies, Land Colonisation Societies, Social Welfare Societies etc. only 129 Societies under the category are running on profit.  The remaining societies are running on loss.


            The Kerala State Co-operative union, is the principal agency imparting  Co-operative Education and Propaganda in the State.  The union is conducting seven co-operative colleges and nine training centres in Kerala to provide in service training to Department Staff Employees of Co-operatives and also to Public.  Co-operative Member Education programme for non-officials is also implemented by the State Co-operative Union.  Apart from the Union, the National Co-operative union of India has started two Institutes of Co-operative Management at Thiruvananthapuram and Kannur Districts for providing advanced training courses to the Department Officers, employees and non-officials in Co-operative Sector.  Sixty two circle Co-operative unions have been constituted along with the Kerala State Co-operative Union for propaganda and publicity of co-operative Principles and of the developments occurred in the Sector.


            About 36000 employees are working in various co-operative institutions functioning under the control of Co-operative Department. Section 80 of  Kerala Co-operative Societies Act has been implemented in these co-operatives fixing their salaries, service regularization etc.  Selection for appointments in Apex, Central and Regional Co-operatives is ensured through the Kerala Public Service Commission and for other societies such as Primary Agricultural Credit Societies, Primary Co-operative Agricultural and Rural Development Bank Societies, Kerala Co-operative Service Examination Board has been constituted .  Welfare fund and pension schemes have been implemented in co-operatives functioning under the administrative control of Registrar of Co-operative Societies.



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