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Distribution of Business

Distribution of Business

(Accounts-A) Department
Phone  : Extn.8704

  • Preparation of T.A. Bills of non - gazetted members of the personal staff of Ministers.
  • Noting of appropriation of figures in the T.A. bills of Ministers and Gazetted Officers of the Personal Staff of Ministers.
  • Drawal and disbursement of amounts under office expenses and miscellaneous items of expenditure relating to Administrative Secretariat.
  • Payment of telegram expenses, water charges, electric charges etc. of the Secretariat.
  • Reimbursement of newspaper charges incurring by the personal staff of the Ministers.
  • Purchase of stamps for franking machines.
  • Purchase of Air tickets on credit basis for Ministers and their Personal staff.
  • Payment of wages to Security Guards and other daily employees.
  • Reimbursement of 60% of the wages of the Canteen Labourers.
  • Preparation of contingent bill for the purchase of diesel and petrol for the cars of the P&AR, General Education, LSG, SC/ST Development, GAD&IT Departments.
  • Preparation of contingent bills relating to BPE.
  • Drawal and adjustment of advances in connection with the Annual Collectors' Conference and the MPs' Conferences.
  • Issue of exchange orders for the Ministers and their Personal staff.
  • Issue of reference books to the office of the Ministers.

(Accounts-B) Department
Phone  : Extn.8545

  • Preparation of pay bills, sanctioning of Provident Fund advance/surrender Leave salary and maintenance of Service Books, of Assistants grade I and II.

(Accounts-C) Department
Phone  : Extn.8545

  • Preparation of pay Bills, G.P.F.Bills, maintenance of Service Books. Surrender of leave Salary Bills, claiming of terminal Gratuity ( both gazetted and non-gazetted) and other allied matters relating to the non-gazetted personal staff of Chief Minister, Ministers, Chief whip and Leader of Opposition.

(Accounts-D) Department
Phone  : Extn.8835

  • Preparation of pay bills, pay fixation, G.P.F.and allied subject of Office Superintendents, Selection Grade typists / Senior grade Typists / Typists grade I and Typists grade II. Maintenance of Service Books.

(Accounts-E) Department
Phone  : Extn.8938

  • Co-operative recovery and last salary claims of deceased Gazetted Officers of Administrative Secretariat.
  • Loans and advances, House Building advance and Motor cycle / car advance, Computer advance and advance to class IV employees for the marriage expenses of female children and allied papers.
  • Pension cases of N.G.Os. of Administrative Secretariat.
  • Safe custody of service Books of gazetted Officers of Administrative Secretariat.

(Budget Wing) Department
Phone  : Extn.8099

  • Budget and reconciliation under the head of the Accounts 2052-090-99 Administrative Secretariat and 2075-104-99-Jeevan Raksha Pathak,, Re-appropriation, Appropriation and resumption of funds.
  • T.A. bill of N.G.Os., N.L.C. of N.G.Os., allotment of appropriation in the T.A. Bills of self drawing Officers, Miscellaneous items.
  • Budget and reconciliation under Head of Account 3451-090-99 and 2070-119-97 and 2070-119-99.
  • Audit and inspection reports.
  • Issue of exchange orders for purchase of Air Tickets to the Officers of the Administrative Secretariat, law Secretariat and Finance Secretariat and arranging payment to the Indian airlines in respect of the tickets purchased for journey of the officers of the of the Administrative Secretariat.
  • Budget and reconciliation under Head of Account 2013- Council of Ministers, 2251-090-99 Secretariat social service,2052-090-98 Personal Staff of Chief Minister, 2052-090-97 Personal Staff of other Ministers.
  • P.A.C. and subject Committee in respect of the above Head of accounts and grant of conveyance allowance to physically handicapped Government employees.

(Accounts G) Department
Phone  : Extn.8646

  • Preparation of pay bills, sanctioning of Provident Fund advance/surrender Leave salary and maintenance of Service Books of Senior Grade and selection grade Assistants.

(Accounts H) Department
Phone: Extn. 8385

  • Preparation of pay bills and allied works in respect of the confidential Assistants, Clerical Assistants,Attenders, Motor Cycle Orderlies, Nottom, Health Inspectors, Health Assistant, Drivers, Chauffeurs, Lift Operators, Binders, OP Attenders, Government Astrologer, Duplicating Machine Operators and Messengers.
  • Maintenance of their service books and sanction of their G.P.F.Advances, closure of G.P.F. Accounts.

(Account R) Department

  • Medical Reimbursement claims of Ministers and Leader of Opposition.
  • Medical reimbursement claims of Personal Staff of Ministers, Leader of Opposition.
  • Medical reimbursement claims of all employees including Gazetted Officers of Administrative secretariat.
  • Sanctioning of Interest free Medical advance and it's final settlement.
  • Final settlement of reimbursement claims of deceased employees.
  • Allotment of funds for the medical reimbursement claims of Government Secretaries and all the staff of the Administrative Secretariat.

(Account J) Department
Phone: Extn.8099

  • Maintenance of closure of Family Benefit Schemes of all Gazetted officers and N.G.Os. in Administrative Secretariat.
  • Miscellaneous papers including L.A. Interpellations.
  • Maintenance of accounts in respect of Central government employees. Group Insurance Scheme in respect of all I.A.S., I.P.S., I.F.S. officers and closure of their accounts.
  • Reconciliation of Family Benefit Schemes figures of staff of G.A.D. with Treasury Figures.
  • Preparation of pay bills, sanctioning of provident fund advance, Surrender of leave salary and maintenance of service books of Attenders and Clerical Assistants.

(Accounts K) Department
Phone: Extn: 8622

  • Preparation of pay bills and maintenance of Service Books, sanctioning of provident fund advance, surrender of earned leave and other allied matters in respect of Gardeners, sweepers, Sanitary Workers, Part time Sweepers cum sanitary workers, Cycle stand Watchman, Store Attendant, Durbar Hall Watchman, Dhoni and Telephone cleaner.
  • Reimbursement of the cost of Newspapers and other allowed journals purchased by the Officers of the Secretariat.
  • Countersigning of circus pension bills to be drawn and disbursed by the district Collectors.
  • Payment of cash Awards etc. and the Operation of various Head of Accounts.
  • Purchase and distribution of reference books to the Departments of secretariat.
  • Hospitality expenses of Ministers including expenses incurred in connection with the Governor's 'At Home' programme on Republic and Independence Days.
  • Payment of periodicals and Newspapers purchased by the G.A.D. (Secretariat Central Library)
  • Papers relating to the Disbursement of salary etc.
  • Drawing and disbursing Telephone charges of ISWD
  • Countersigning of Kerala sports council-grant-in-aid bills.
  • Kerala Aviation training centre, Thiruvanathapuram-drawing and disbursing of contribution.
  • Territorial Army day celebrations-payment of grant-drawing and disbursement.
  • Purchase of Chief Minister's trophy to the best contingent in March past in connection with the Independence Day celebrations.
  • Seminar on National integration and communal Harmony -Reimbursement of state share.
  • Commissions of enquiry-withdrawal and disbursement.
  • Award of Jeevan Raksha Pathak-withdrawal and disbursement of Monetary grants.
  • Miscellaneous matter of General administration (Account) department.
  • Papers relating to the Cash Branch.
  • Payment of Honorarium of cash disbursing officials every month.
  • Matters related to the preparation and issue of payslips to Non-Gazetted Officers and papers relating to the payment of salary through Banks.

( Accounts-M) Department

  • Preparation of pay bills, sanctioning of provident Fund
  • Advance/surrender Leave salary and maintenance of Service Books, of Peons.

(Accounts-N) Department

  • Preparation of pay bills and G.P.F. bills and other account matters relating to Peons.
  • Preparation of pay bills and G.P.F. bills and other account matters relating to Security staff, Assistant Security Officers and Sergeants.       

( Accounts P) Department

  • Papers relating to Group Insurance.
  • Papers relating to the pension of Personal Staff of Chief Ministers, Ministers and leader of Opposition.

(Administration Report) Department

  • General papers relating to Annual administration Report of Individual departments of the State.
  • Revision of the format of the Annual Report and ensuring it's timely preparation, publication and distribution.

(Secretariat Central library) Department
Phone:Extn. 8779/8461

  • Purchase of books, dailies and magazines for the Secretariat central Library and distribution among the staff members

( CM's Public Grievance Redressal Cell ) Department

  • Receipt and acknowledgement of petitions received by the Chief Minister from Individuals, Organisations, M.L . As etc through various media as well as those directly handed over to the cell.
  • Monitoring the progress of the redressal of grievance.
  • Taking special  action on delayed cases of redressal.
  • Preparation and submission of weekly Report to the Chief Minister on the position of petitions received during the week and the action taken on each of them.

(Employment Cell-A) Department

  • Special recruitment of Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes, yearly review and reservation of posts.
  • Recommendation of the Legislature Committee on the welfare of scheduled casters/Scheduled tribes  regarding reservation of posts.
  • Issuance of orders on amendment and new orders regarding reservation of posts for special recruitment.
  • Review of the performance of the Departments concerned in the matter of appointment of Scheduled castes/Scheduled Tribes.
  • Yearly meeting of the Review committee.
  • Remarks and advice on matters related to special recruitment.

(Employment Cell-B) Department

  • Monthly review of progress of the recruitment of S.Cs/S.Ts against vacancies reserved for special recruitment.
  • Compilation of a manual of instructions regarding reservation orders.

( Freedom Fighters' pension-A) Department

  • Processing of applications and connected papers under S.S.S Pension Scheme.
  • General papers relating to the Scheme.
  • Papers relating to the award of Tamrapatras to freedom fighters.

(Freedom Fighters' pension-B) Department

  • Processing of applications and connected papers under Kerala Freedom fighters Pension Scheme pertaining to all District and General papers relating to the Scheme.

(Secretariat Records) Department

  • Receipt and Issue of the Records and weeding out of Records.
  • Preservation of valuable documents such as Service Books, Bonds, Agreements etc. received from the Department of the Secretariat.

(House Keeping-A) Department

  • Accommodation to Ministers, Officers and Secretariat Departments.
  • Providing Telephones to Ministers and their Staff and Secretariat officers and other activities related to these works.
  • Maintenance of Intercom and Public Address Systems.
  • Secretariat PABX and Teleprinter Section.
  • Sanitation and Hygiene.
  • Purchase of Sanitation and Garden materials.
  • Papers relating to the Secretariat garden.
  • Papers relating to the Secretariat Canteen.
  • Sanitation Wing and Laundry.
  • Miscellaneous and General papers connected with welfare activities.
  • Payment of Telephone Charges of Ministers and their Personal Staff.
  • Maintenance and repair of Electrical fittings.
  • Maintenance and repair of water pipes and sanitary fittings.
  • Air-conditioning the rooms of Ministers and renewal of Maintenance contract with the, Chennai.
  • Locating spacing for accommodation, re-arrangement and replacement/shifting of sections, Officers and supervision over replacement of electric bulbs and tubs ( Store Supervisor)
  • Maintenance and upkeep of Telephone register and allied registers.
  • Payment of the telephone charges of the Officers in the Secretariat to the Department of Telecom.
  • Reimbursement of telephone charges to the officers.
  • Preparation of contingent Bills for Telephones, Teleprinters and Telex etc.

( House Keeping cell-B) Department

  • Purchase and supply of furniture and all other items requires for the office of the Ministers, Administrative Secretariat Officers/Departments as per approved norms.
  • Purchase of Modern Office Equipments, Photocopiers, Dictaphones, Electronic Typewriters, Franking Machines etc. and payment of invoices thereto.
  • Certificate of all purchase bills/invoices-Receipt of request for stores.
  • Issue of stores as per sanctions of the Store Officer and maintenance of register of unserviceable articles.
  • All civil works in the Secretariat Building including maintenance and repairs.
  • Disposal of unserviceable articles/furniture.
  • Maintenance and repair of furniture, Issue of non-Liability certificate to the staff.
  • Papers relating to fire fighting equipments, repairs to locks etc.

   Store Supervisor II

  • Physical verification of furniture, distribution and maintenance of furniture under the directions of stores-officer, maintenance of records of supply/replacement  of furniture and typewriter and curtains in the Secretariat, supervising the numbering and repairs to furniture, writing, supplying and fixing name boards and curtains.

            Store Keeper

  • Maintenance of stock Register, issue Register, recording and stock entry.

( Co-ordination) Department

  • Preparation of the list of public Holidays and holidays under Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881.
  • Declaration of holidays.
  • Issue of circular of general nature.
  • Consolidation work of General Administration Department.
  • Preparation of Kerala government  Calendar.
  • M.Ps' conference.
  • Fortnightly report to Governor on important orders relating to the General Administration Department.
  • Preparation of Kerala government Diary, Daily remembrance and pocket telephone Directory.
  • Sanction for the participation of Government departments and Public Undertakings in exhibitions.
  • Furnishing  answers to the questions in the Legislative Assembly on Miscellaneous subjects.
  • Communication of letters received from other state Governments.
  • Observance of Martyrs' Day.
  • Annual Conference of District Collectors and Heads of departments.
  • Issue of Notifications under article 299 of the Constitution regarding execution of contracts and assurances of property on behalf of the Governor of Kerala.
  • V.J.T. Hall-Establishment papers and issuance of orders at concessional rate of rent.
  • Preparation and publication of Secretariat Directory.
  • Communication of letters, memoranda, petitions etc. of general nature of the Departments of the Secretariat.
  • Communication of letters, memoranda, petitions etc received from the Prime Minister's Secretariat, President's Secretariat to Departments concerned in the Secretariat.

( Parliament ) Department

  • Monitoring action in files relating to L.A, Interpellations, L.A.assurances.
  • Sitting and reports of L.A.Committees.
  • Audit paras and Draft paras.
  • Questions and other communications from the Lok Sabha.
  • Staff Conference.
  • Consolidation of monthly Business Statement.
  • Compilation of important orders issued in the General Administration Department.
  • Any other related matter that may be assigned by the Secretary to Government.

(Political) Department

  • Visits of High Dignitaries-State Guests of Government of India, Paying guests, Foreign VIPs.
  • Protocol Hospitality Rules.
  • Warrant of Precedence.
  • Republic day/Independence Day Celebrations.
  • Settlement of visit and hospitality accounts.
  • Arrangements of lunch, dinner etc. hosted by Chief Minister and other Ministers.
  • Allocation of portfolios.
  • Swearing - in- ceremonies of Ministers.
  • Light Refreshment charges in excess of prescribed limits.
  • Release of tickets from state quota for Air Journey.
  • Death of high Dignitaries.
  • Tourism Department Vehicles.
  • Maintenance and repair of guest Houses of Kerala and Kerala House, New Delhi.
  • Reservation and accommodation in all Guest Houses including  Kerala House, Kanyakumari.
  • Construction of memorials to eminent political Leaders
  • All papers in connection with census.
  • Kerala House, New Delhi.
  • Family and political pension to families of former rulers.
  • Governor’s Secretariat.
  • Supply of items to the residence of Ministers.

( Sainik Welfare) Department
Phone  : Extn.8644

  • State Amalgamated Fund
  • State and District Military Benevolent Fund.
  • Recommendation of the High Level committee on problems of Ex-servicemen.
  • Flag code, India and allied matters.
  • State Emblem of India.
  • Armed Forces Flag day and Flag day Fund.
  • Sainik seminars.
  • Self Employment of Ex-servicemen.
  • Welfare and Resettlement of Ex-servicemen/War Widows.
  • Employment assistance to dependents of defense personnel killed/disabled/missing in action/ died/disabled due to reasons attributable to military service.
  • Follow-up action on the minutes of the meeting of Kendriya Sainik Board.
  • Territorial Army.
  • Grant of cash award to recipients of military, gallantry decorations, T.A. decoration and medals.
  • Follow-up action on the minutes of the Civil Military Liaison Conference.
  • Department of Sainik welfare.
  • Counting of military service for the purpose of civil pension.
  • Condonation of break between military service and Civil Service.
  • Advice of Military service.
  • Financial Assistance to second World war veterans.
  • Chief Minister's Sainik Welfare Fund.

( Services-A) Department
Phone  : Extn.8450

  • Appointment, Posting, regularisation and transfer of Assistance in the Administrative Secretariat.
  • Declaration of probation, promotions, confirmation of Assistant of Administrative Secretariat, fixation of cadre strength and seniority, disciplinary actions against of Administrative Secretariat.
  • Appointment of Typists as Assistant Grade I.
  • Preparation of Gradation List of Assistants.
  • Issuing of N.O.C. to Assistants for applying for various posts.
  • Deputation of Assistants.
  • Sanction under K.G.S.C. Rules.
  • Grant of all kinds of leave for 30 days and above in respect of Assistants.
  • Deputation of Assistants to various training programmes and courses.

( Services-C) Department
Phone  : Extn.8462

  • Appointment/ Posting of Part-time Sweepers-cum-sanction workers, Part Time Gardeners, Drivers, Dhobi, Telephone Cleaner, Health Inspector and Health Assistant. Promotion of the above part-Time employees to the posts of Full-Time Sweeper-cum-Sanitation workers and Full-Time Gardeners.
  • Regularization, Declaration of Probation, Sanctioning of time bound Higher grade, leave and other establishment matters and disciplinary proceedings in respect of all the above posts (except Garden Supervisor, Health Inspector and Health Assistant).
  • Appointment under Compassionate Employment Scheme to the dependents of the above categories.
  • Declaration of probation and sanctioning of Time Bound Higher Grade in respect of Peons.
  • Appointment of Peons to the Administrative Secretariat on interdepartmental transfer.
  • Miscellaneous papers in the section.

( Service-D) Department
Phone  : Extn.8544

  • Appointment under Sports Quota in Government Service
  • State and All India Civil services Tournament.
  • Grant to Government Servant's recreation clubs.
  • Welfare of Minorities ( 15 point programme)
  • National Integration including safeguard to Linguistic Minorities.
  • Supply of Kerala gazette to Government Officers.

( Services-E) Department
Phone  : Extn.8543

  • Appointment, transfers, deputation, leave, declaration of probation in respect of Section Officers of the Administrative Secretariat, Librarians, Cashiers, Chief Reception Officers and posting of Typists and Confidential Assistants as Assistant Trainees.
  • Recruitment, appointment, posting, transfer, deputation,leave, probation,confirmation, fixation of cadre strength, sanction of NRA/TA of section Officers/ Section Grade confidential Assistants/ Personal Assistant/ personal Assistant ( Higher Grade), Unit wise promotion of Confidential Assistants, Surrender of earned leave of Section Officers/ Gazetted Confidential Assistants.
  • Recruitment, appointment, posting, transfer,deputation leave and probation in respect of Typists in the Administrative Secretariat.
  • Creation and Continuance of temporary posts of and below the rank of Section Officers.
  • Declaring temporary posts of and below the rank of Section Officer as Permanent.
  • Sanctioning of pension to Section Officers and all gazetted Confidential Assistants.
  • Preparation of Gradation list of Typists, Confidential Assistants and Section Officers.
  • All miscellaneous papers of Confidential Assistants, Typists and section Officers.

( Services-H) Department
Phone  : Extn.8742

  • Establishment matters of Sergeants, Assistant Security Officers,, Security Guards, Clerical Assistants, Attenders, Binders, Duplicating Machine Operators, Lift Operators, Motor Cycle Orderlies, Watcher- cum-store Attendants, Messengers, Cycle Stand Watchman, Nottam and Conference Hall Watchman.
  • Establishment matters of personal Staff of Ministers and Leader of Opposition.

( Special-A) Department
Phone  : Extn.8645

  • Establishment matters of all I.A.S.Officers.
  • Compulsory one week and three week training programme of all I.A.S. Officers.
  • L.T.C.,P.F., Surrender of Earned Leave of I.A.S.Officers.
  • Establishment matters of all I.P.S.Officers.
  • Training of I.P.S.Officers.

( Special-B) Department
Phone  : Extn.8448

  • Promotions,transfer, Deputation, declaration of probation, sanctioning of leave, surrender of Earned leave, sanctioning of, Pension papers processing of and issuance of non-liability certificates in respect of Officers of and above the rank of Under Secretaries to government in the Administrative Secretariat.
  • Recruitment, Promotion, transfer, position, declaration of probation and convening DPC in respect of Administrative Officers ( Non-Secretariat).
  • Declaring of temporary posts as permanent, Continuance of temporary posts of and above the rank of Under Secretaries.
  • Farming of special rules for Secretariat State Service.

(Special-C) Department
Phone  : Extn.8645

  • Papers relating to I.F.S.Officers.
  • Papers relating to High Court Judges.
  • Central Deputation of all I.A.S.Officers.
  • Miscellaneous papers of High Court judges
  • House Building Advance to All india Service Officers.
  • Amendment to All India Service Rules and regulations etc.

(Special-E) Department
Phone  : Extn.8448

  • Appointment of Chairman and Members of Kerala Public Service Commission.
  • All establishment papers of Chairman and members of Kerala Public Service Commission.
  • Budget papers of Kerala Public Service Commission
  • Issue of Amendments to Regulation governing the conditions of the Chairman and Members and staff of the Commission and all related papers.
  • Creation of posts of K.P.S.C. and related Establishment matters.
  • Deputation of staff to Kerala Public Service Commission.
  • Ops relating to PSC Establishment where Government is a party.
  • Assembly papers on establishment matters of Kerala Public Service Commission.
  • Creation of posts in  P.R.D. and related matters including appointment, promotion and posting of officers of and above the rank of Deputy Director.
  • Creation of posts in Finance Department, promotion and allied establishment matters of officers of and above the rank of Under Secretary to Government in Finance department.
  • Creation of posts in Law department and promotion and allied establishment matters of officers of and above the rank of Under Secretary  to Government in Law department.
  • Appointment of Chairman, Director,Prl.Scientific Officer/Scientific Officer/Research Assistant in STED.
  • Ops relating to the establishment matters of Director, Principal Scientific Officer, Scientific Officer/Research Assistant etc. of STED

(Secret Section) Department

  • Awards under Jeevan Raksha Pathak.
  • General papers on Strike and other forms of direct action by Government employees.
  • Papers relating to Exhimala Naval Academy.
  • Conducting of U.P.S.C. and S.S.C. Examinations.
  • Departmental Promotion Committee meeting for the preparation of the select list for promotion to the post of Section Officer and Under Secretary in the Secretariat including Law and Finance.
  • Papers relating to Southern Zonal council.
  • Rules of Business of Government of Kerala
  • Property returns of the Non-gazetted staff of the Administrative Secretariat and those of the entire gazetted staff in Secretariat upto the level of Deputy Secretary including Finance and Law.
  • PaPers relating to Inter State council.

( Strictly Confidential ) Department

  • Appointment of High Court Judges.
  • Cabinet papers.
  • Monitoring of Cabinet decisions and follow up actions on time limit cases.
  • Kerala State departmental Security Instructions.
  • Maintenance of Annual Confidential Reports of All India Service Officers.
  • Maintenance of Annual property Returns in respect of All India Service Officers.
  • Preparation of panel of All India Service Officers for Promotion.
  • Select Lists of IAS, IPS and IFS Officers .
  • Departmental Promotion Committee Meetings for selection to the post of Deputy Secretary and above in the Secretariat including Law and Finance.
  • Cipher Bureau
  • Recommendations for " Padma Awards"
  • Maintenance of Property Returns of Officers in the Secretariat of and above the rank of Joint Secretaries.

( Compassionate Employment Cell ) Department

  • Allotment of vacancies in general category post from general pool for appointment under compassionate Employment Scheme for  Government Servants who die-in-harness.

(Computer Cell) Department
Phone No:2518741

  • Work in connection with the computerization of General Administration ( Service) Departments-personnel Information Management System. Providing sample data entry, etc. Upgradation of official website of IAS Civil List. Simple Software development for IFS seniority list.

( C.R Cell) Department

  • Collection and Maintenance of Confidential reports in respect of Selection/Senior Grade Assistants, Section Officers, Under Secretaries, Deputy Secretaries, Joint Secretaries and Additional secretaries of Administrative Secretariat and Under Secretary, Deputy Secretary. Joint Secretary and Additional Secretary of Finance and Law department.
  • Submission of Confidential Reports in respect of all Deputy Secretary, Joint Secretary and Additional Secretary before the Modernisation Committee.
  • Submission of Confidential Reports before the D.P.C.

( Tourism-A) Department

  • All establishment papers of Tourism Department, Administration Report,Inspection of Subordinate offices.
  • Kerala House, New Delhi including inspection of Kerala House, Kanyakumari
  • Purchase of land and construction of guest Houses in other States.
  • Purchases for Tourism Department and Kerala House including Motor Vehicles.
  • Allotment and maintenance of Kanakakunnu Palace and Nishagandhi Auditorium.
  • Plan Schemes/review of Plan Schemes, CRZ Task forces, New Tourism Projects, Master plan on Tourism, review  of schemes implemented through District Tourism Promotion Councils.
  • Construction, repair and maintenance of Government Guest Houses /Yatrinivas (including Administrative Sanction) Control Of Guest Houses, Yatrinivas, Rent of Guest Houses, Yatrinivas and Kerala House, Constitution and control of district Tourism promotion Councils.
  • Eco-Tourism and Backwater Tourism.

( Tourism-B) Department

  • Kerala Tourism Development Corporation and Tourist Resorts Kerala Limited.
  • Schemes of Kerala Tourism Development Corporation and it's  subsidiaries and Joint Ventures.
  • Meeting of Board of governors of Food Craft Institute, Kalamassery.
  • Acquisition of land for Kerala Tourism Development Corporation and various other Tourism Projects. Guest Houses, Yatrinivas etc.
  • Bekal Resort Development Corporation.
  • Investment subsidy concessions to Tourism.
  • Registration of Tourism Trade Act/Rules, Fairs and Festivals, Visits etc.
  • Financial Assistance for Fairs and festivals.
  • Advertisements, Non-Plan Schemes, Tourism awards, Tourism Development Authorities.
  • Outside State journey of Tourism officials for participation in fairs, festivals, conventions and Training Programmes etc.
  • Co-Ordination of PUC/PAC and other Legislative committee Reports.
  • Follow up action on Inspection reports of Accountant General, Store Purchase Department.
  • Monthly Business Statement.
  • Papers of Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology. Kerala institute of Tourism and Travel Studies, Kerala Institute of Hospitality Management Studies.
  • Budgetary papers.
  • Stationery indent.




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