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General Education Department



General Education – Appointment/Promotion against new division vacancies and appointment against  retirement, death, and resignation vacancies . Approval of appointment Sanctioned Orders issued.                              
G.O. (P) 259/03/G.Edn.  Thiruvananthapuram, Dated, 24.9.2003                

Read: (1) G.O.(P) No.80/2002/G.Edn. Dated, 27.4.2002


In the Government Order read, among other things, it has been ordered that all appointments of teachers in Government/Aided Schools upto 29.10.2001, made in accordance with the provisions of Kerala Education Rules shall be approved.

2.Government are receiving representations from various quarters requesting to approve the appointments made after 29.10.2001. The vacancies occurred after 29.10.2001 include new division vacancies as well as that occurred due to retirement, death, resignation, leave etc.

3.Government after having examined the matter are pleased to order as follows:

  i.            The appointment and promotions made from among the existing teachers against new division vacancies after 29.10.2001 will be approved from the date of their appointment/promotion, to ensure their continuance.

ii.            All the appointments of teaching and non-teaching staff made after 29.10.2001 against retirement, death and resignation vacancies will be approved with effect from the date of appointment, if those appointments were made in accordance with the provisions of the Kerala Education Rules. Their salary upto 31.5.2003 will be credited to respective P.F. Accounts and they will be paid salary in cash from June 2003 onwards. Hereafter, no new vacancies consequent on staff fixation from the academic year 2003-04 onwards shall be filled up without the prior approval of Government.

iii.            No withdrawal shall be made before 1.6.2007 from the arrears of salary credited to P.F. Account.

By order of the Governor,


Secretary to Government


The Director of Public Instruction, Thiruvananthapuram
All Deputy Directors of Education
All District Educational Officers                 Through D.D.Es
All Assistant Educational Officers       concerned
The Accountant General (Audit)/(A & E), Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram
The General Administration (SC) Department Vide item No.2189 dated 29.8.2003
The Finance Department (vide U.O.No.86658/Edn.B1/03/Fin. Dated 20.9.2003
The Director of Public Relations
The Private Secretary to Chief Minister
The Private Secretary to Minister (Education)
All Officers in General Education Department
All sections in General Education Department

Forwarded/By order
Section Officer

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