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Education of the Handicapped

The rules for opening of new schools for the handicapped or for additional class divisions

and for grant of recognition of schools, qualification of teachers etc. are dealt with in G.O. (P) 412/69/Edn. dated 3rd November 1969 as modified/amended from time to time.
Application for opening of schools or for additional standard in the existing schools shall be submitted to the District Educational Officers on or before 31st December of the year preceding the school year in which new schools or additional divisions are proposed to be opened. The District Educational Officers will submit the applications duly recommended to the Director of Public Instruction on or before 31st January.

The minimum strength of a class division is 5 and the maximum number is 10.

Director of Public Instruction is the competent authority to fix the staff of Government schools while District Educational Officers are competent to fix the staff of aided schools.

Grants will be paid to the recognised aided schools, subject to the conditions specified in G.O. (P) 412/69/Edn., Dated 23rd November 1969.

The deaf, dumb and blind pupils studying in Government/aided schools for the handicapped are eligible for educational concessions in the form of boarding charges, school requisite

allowance, dress allowance etc. on the basis of the annual income of the parents/guardians. Those who do not stay in approved hostels or who attend the schools as day scholars are not eligible for boarding charges.
The pupils will be exempted from all kinds of fees such as games fees, examination fees etc. on the basis of annual income of the parents/guardians. The blind, deaf and dumb pupils are eligible for the above concessions if their parental annual income do not exceed Rs. 60,000.

V. Kerala Aided School Employees Provident Fund

The Kerala Aided School Employees Provident Fund (KASEPF) Branch functioned in the office of the Director of Public Instruction, Thiruvananthapuram have been decentralised to

Revenue District level attached to the Office of the Deputy Director (Edn.) as per order No. G.O. (Rt.) No.3033/98/G.Edn. Dated 31-7-1998. The KASEPF units are under the control of Assistant Provident Fund Officer.
Admission : All the full employees either permanent or officiating who have completed one year of service and governed under Chapter XIV B, KER should join the KASEPF compulsorily. However one year of service is not a pre-requisite to join the fund. An employee whose
appointment is approved and is likely to continue in service for more than one year can be admitted to the fund on condition that the controlling officer certify that the employee is likely to continue in service for more than one year. But the employees who belong to regions orders which vows poverty can be exempted by the controlling officers.
The application for admission with nomination in the prescribed form are to be forwarded through the head of the institution with the counter signature of the Controlling Officer, direct to the Assistant Provident Fund Officers of the concerned D.D. Offices.

Every subscriber to the fund shall subscribe not less than 6 percent his/her basic pay rounded to the nearest rupee. The rate of subscription once fixed cannot be reduced on any account.

However the subscriber can enhance the subscription once in the course of an year. The subscriber can stop the subscription during the last one year of service immediately preceding the date of retirement if he/she elect so in writing. No subscription is to be recovered in the bill for the last three months of quitting the service.
Protected Teachers : In the case of protected teachers reputed from Aided schools to

Government Schools, they should continue their subscription to KASEPF. Separate schedule should be attached with the bill showing name of their parent school. The staff of the Aided school which are closed down and deputed to Government schools should continue their subscription to KASEPF till they are absorbed in Government service.
Closure of account : Application for closure of account with necessary statements of credit and debit and declaration may be forwarded direct to the Assistant Provident Fund Officer (PF) by the controlling officers. The application and all the enclosures should be countersigned by the controlling officers. The application for the closure of KASEPF account of the subscriber who was quitted from Aided School service and joined in Government service should sent his/her application in the prescribed form (Form E II) immediately after he/she is got admitted to G.P.F through the Head of the Aided school he/she worked last. Steps will be taken by this office to transfer the balance amount at his/her credit in the KASEPF Account to GPF.




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