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PADAVUKAL : Guidelines for S S L C Evaluation Activities:Prepared by SCERT

 Junior and Senior Music Certificate Examination

       These examinations are conducted once in a year for those who have completed the prescribed course at the S.R.V Music School (Model H,S for Girls, Thrissur).

Examination Fees:
(1) Junior music examination Rs. 5

(2) Senior music examination Rs.8.

Chance of Name, Chance of Religion, Etc :

If any change of name is made after the issue of a Public Examination Certificate the candidate concerned shall notify the change in name in the Government Gazette and a copy of the Notification shall be attached to the Certificate Book. No Correction of name will be made in the qualification certificate.

2. The change of name and religion of the pupils in Standard X shall be effected only by the authority conducting the S.S.L.C examination.

3. The change of name and religion with regard to pupils studying in Standard below X will be regulated by the conditions laid down in the case of the alteration of date of birth.

4. Change of community in the S.S.L.C will be allowed only in the case of clerical error created while making entries in the school records in this S.S.L.C. In all other cases certificate obtained from the Tahsildar as contemplated in G.O (Ms) 876/64, dated 29th December, 1961 is to be pasted in the S.S.L.C Book.

Punishment Imposed for Tampering with and/or Altering Entries of the Date of Birth in the Certificate Books and Malpractice committed in the examinations

1. Whenever an entry in the certificate book is seen tampered by the holder of the certificate who is considered to be its custodian will be held responsible for the offence. The custodian of the certificate will be asked to submit his explanation regarding the irregularity, irrespective of the fact whether the custodian admits the offence or not, the punishment of suspending the certificate for a period upto a maximum of 5 years will be imposed in all cases of tampering detected. This punishment will be noted in the certificate book and a copy of the proceedings will be kept in the concerned page of tabulation register kept in the office of the Commissioner for Government Examinations. The entry regarding the punishment imposed for tampering with the original certificate, will be noted in the duplicate copy of the certificate also, if such a duplicate copy is issued to the candidate.

2. When the certificates of employed persons are suspended, a copy of the order suspending the certificate will be forwarded to the Controlling Officer for taking further action against the delinquent [G.O. (Ms) 462/64/Edn. dated 29th August 1964.]

3. In case of malpractice detected in the examination hall, the Chief Superintendent concerned will immediately obtain a written statement from candidate, the concerned invigilators and other persons concerned. Instead of expelling the candidate forthwith he can be allowed to write during the remaining part of time allotted to the paper and a different answer book supplied to him and to take the examination or the subsequent days also, provided he sign the prescribed declaration. If he refuses to sign the declaration he should be expelled forthwith and should not be allowed to write the examination on the subsequent days.

The Chief Superintendent will then submit a detailed report together with the statement obtained in this connection as also the answer scripts of the candidate and the materials used for the malpractice to the Secretary, Board of Public Examinations (vide Memorandum of Instruction for the Conduct of Public Examinations). If the candidate who has committed malpractice refuses to give a written statement or behaves in an unruly manner that fact should also be reported by the Chief Superintendent.

Punishment shall be imposed against the offender after giving him/her an opportunity to submit any explanation regarding the irregularity and examining the whole case.

Chance of First Language, Change of Medium, Exemption from the Study of
Regional Language and Hindi

1. Change of Regional Language: -

(1) The pupils who come from other state or countries and join in Standard I to IV will have to study one of the Regional Languages of this state. No exemption of any kind will be allowed.

(2) The pupils who come from other states or countries and join in Standard V to VIII and who have not studied one of the regional languages in lower primary standards will be allowed temporary exemption only for one year from the study of a regional language on the definite condition that the pupils will learn the language in the class and that even if they secure very low marks in the regional language in annual examination of that year, their promotion to the next standard will not be affected only for this reason. In such cases further exemption will not be allowed during the succeeding year.

(3) In the case of pupils joining in Standard VIII to X and who are migrating from other states/countries/system of education and if it has not been possible for them to study the regional language of this state, exemption from the study of regional language shall be given to them. For such pupils Additional English and Special English and Additional Hindi and Special English will be the alternative language under Part I and II respectively of first language. For leaning Additional English and Special English sanction from the Commissioner for Government Examinations should be obtained.

2. Exemption from studying Hindi: -

(1) Exemption will be given from the study of Hindi to students who join in Standard IX or X migrating from other countries or from other states where Hindi is not compulsory.

(2) In the case of students migrating from other states or from another system of education this, exemption will be given only on valid reasons.

(3) In the case of pupils coming under the above mentioned category who are joining in Standard VIII, exemption will be given only for the year's annual examination.

(4) In the S.S.L.C Examination, an alternative paper in general knowledge have to be written in lieu of Hindi. There is no specified text books for general knowledge paper.

3. Change of medium - In the case of pupils, studying in standard VIII to X and in the case of S.S.L.C. failed candidates, change of medium to Malayalam shall be granted.

(1) Application from the guardian is required in the case of school candidates.

(2) Application from the candidates himself for S.S.L.C failed

4. (1) For the study of under mentioned languages, sanction from the Commissioner for Government Examinations is not required.

First Languages: Part I - Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Sanskrit, Arabic, Gujarathi, Urdu, Additional Hindi

Part II - Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada

(2) For learning any other language under Part I or Part II sanction from the Commissioner for Government Examinations is required.

(3) But in the case of pupils from Gujarathi Vidyalaya High Schools, they shall learn Special English under Part II of First Language even without any orders from the Commissioner for Government Examinations.

(4) Similarly pupils presented from oriental schools, i.e. schools where Arabic or Sanskrit
is taught under First Language Part I and II can appear for S.S.L.C examination with Arabic or Sanskrit as the case may be, without any further sanction from the Commissioner for Government Examinations.

(5) Pupils in Regional Fishery Schools have to write a paper on Fishery Science, Navigation and Seamanship instead of the regional language under Part II of First Language.

5 (1) No prior sanction of the Commissioner for Government Examinations for change of Language is necessary for admitting a pupil in a school. The Headmasters may admit the pupils in their schools as per existing rules and then forward the required application from the guardian to the Commissioner. Application from the guardians alone and not from pupils be sent to the Commissioner for Government Examinations.

(2) All applications for change of Language, exemption from regional language, change of medium etc. should be affixed with a court fee stamp worth Rs.2 ( Rupees two only).

(3) The details prescribed in the performa must be filled up by the Headmaster carefully and correctly . The program may be written or typewritten. No printed form will be supplied in this regard.

(4) The Headmaster should conduct a detailed enquiry about the previous study of the pupil and should satisfy himself that the school mentioned in column 5 of the program is a bonafide, Government/aided/recognised institution. In the case of schools recognised by the Central Board of Education that fact should be specifically stated.


1. Name of pupil :

2. Standard in which he is studying at
the time of application :

3. Date of admission in the standard :
mentioned in column 2

4. Name of the school with complete postal :
address which the pupil studying now

5. (a) Name of the school with complete
postal address in which the pupil :
was studying just previously before
admission to the school mentioned
in column 4

(b) Name of school/schools where the :
pupil in standard V to VIII

6. Language studied by the pupil in his previous :
schools, Standard I to IV, Standard V to VII

7. Mother-tongue of the pupil :

8. Whether the pupil has studied any of the
regional language of this state during the :
previous studies

9. The language from which exemption :
sought for

10. Reason for such request :

11. The language taught under Part I and II
under first language in the present school :

12. Language proposed to be studied under Part
I and II of first language :

13. Specific recommendation of the Headmaster :

I do hereby declare that the pupil is migrating from other state/country/system of education. The school mentioned in column 5 is following a different system of education other than one as prescribed in K.E.R and that the school is affiliated to the ..................................................

Signature of the Headmaster :

Name of the Headmaster :

Name and postal address of the school :

Name of the Education District :

Date: (School seal)

Correction of Date of Birth in School Records and Qualification Certificate

As per Rule 3, Chapter VI, K.E.R a time - limit of 15 years from the date of leaving the schools is fixed for entertaining application for alteration of date of birth by the Commissioner for Government Examinations.

The procedure for submitting application for alternation of date birth is given below:

1. The application should be in the form as prescribed.

2. The application should be submitted by the guardian if the person whose date of birth is to be altered is still on the rolls of any school and by the person himself if he is not on the rolls of any school.

3. The applicant should remit a fee of RS 250 at any Government Treasury under the Head of account ''0202-01-102-92 - receipts from other item and the receipt chalan produced. (The applicant who belong to SC/ST are exempted from payment of application fee.) In such a court fee stamp worth RS 5 to be affixed in the application.

4. The application addressed to the Commissioner for Government Examinations, Poojappura, Trivandrum -12 should be routed through the Headmaster of the school last attended by the person whose date of birth is to be altered.

5. The following documents also should be produced:

(i) Qualification Certificate Viz. S.S.L.C, T.T.C, etc. in which alteration of date of birth is

(ii) Certificate of Birth obtained from the Register of Birth/Deaths of the respective Panchayat/Municipality/Corporation in respect of all the children born to the parent of the applicant. In the case of those who belong to Christian Community. Baptism Certificate indicating the date of birth should also be produced. If the birth has not been registered at the office of the Registrar of Births and Deaths in the case of children other than the applicant, non-registration certificate to that effect from authority has also to be produced.

(iii) An identification certificate from the local Tahsidar/Village Officer in the following form:-

Certified that the male/female child born to Sri................................................... and Smt................................... on ................................................. and whose birth was registered at the Panchayat/Municipality/Corporation with Register No.......................................... and date of Registration/who was Baptised in ..................... church on .................................................. with d/b ............................................... is the person known as (here enter the full name address of the person whose date of birth is to be altered). The said person and the holder of the S.S.L.C with Register No............................................. March/Sept.... 19...................................... or Extract of Admission Register with Admission No................................................issued by the Headmaster............................................ are one and same person.

(iv) Affidavit No. I sworn by the applicant whose date of birth is to be altered giving particulars of all the children born to the parent (including those who might have died).

Affidavit No.II should be sworn by the parent of the pupil. Person whose date of birth is to be altered is still on the rolls of the school, Affidavit No. II alone is to be furnished.

(v) Statement in the form prescribed below showing the particulars of all Educational
Institutions attended for Std. I to X by the person whose date of birth is to be altered.

Sl. No. Name of School with Name of Panchayath/ Date of Standard to
Postal address Municipality/ admission in the which admitted
Corporation under school
which Schools is located

(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

Date of birth entered in the Date of leaving the school Standard at the time of leaving

school records

(6) (7) (8)



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