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L.S.S and U.S.S. Scholarship
Scholarships to students studying in Pure Sanskrit Schools
Sainik School Scholarship
Rashtriya Indian Military College, Dehra Dun
Muslim, Nadar, Anglo-Indian Scholarship
National Scholarship for talented Children from Rural Area

Education Support in India

L.S.S. and U.S.S. Scholarship

The L.S.S. and U.S.S. Scholarships are granted to all students acquiring A grade for the examinations conducted as per the new work oriented education policy, irrespective of the income limit. The rate fixed for L.S.S. and U.S.S. is Rs. 150/- and
Rs. 100/- respectively.

Those students who pass the prescribed examination with B grade will be issued certificate signed by the Commissioner for Government Examinations.

The Scholarship once granted will continue till the termination of U.P and High School stage as the case may be, subject to continued satisfactory progress of students.

Scholarships to the students studying in pure Sanskrit Schools

(a)    Two scholarships to the pupils in each standard in High Schools are being paid under non-plan scheme on the basis of marks scored in the annual examination of the previous standards. The value of the scholarship is Rs. 15/- per mensem tenable for 10 months.

(b)   Six scholarships in standard VI to X in U.P and High school classes for the pure Sanskrit schools are being paid for the development of Sanskrit education under the plan scheme. The value of scholarsip is Rs. 15/- per mensem in High School classes and Rs. 12/- per mensem in U.P. Classes tenable for 10 months on the basis of marks scored in the Annual Examination of the previous standards.

Sainik School Scholarship

This scholarship is given on the basis of merit, merit-cum means subject to the recommendation of the recommendation of the Principals of Sainik Schools. This scholarship is only for the boys students of Kerala studying in various Sainik schools in India. It is given on the basis of the following norms.



        Rate of Scholarship



 Upto Rs. 30,000/-

 Full scholarship plus  clothing

  Rs. 14,000 + clothing allowance of
  Rs. 1000 in first year + Rs. 500 in the   subsequent years


 Above Rs. 30,000/-   upto Rs.36,000/-

  scholarship plus  clothing

  Rs. 10,500 + clothing allowance of
  Rs. 1000 in first year + Rs. 500 in the   subsequent years


 Above Rs. 36,000/-

    scholarship without   clothing clothing


Rashtriya Indian Military College, Dehra Dum

This scholarship is awarded to the 1st Rank holder (Irrespective of Income) who has secured admission to the RIMC and who has been residing in the State of Kerala for a continuous period of not less than 5 year immediately preceding the date of selection. The rate of scholarship is Rs.11,000/- per year for 5 years.

Muslim, Nadar, Anglo-Indian Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded as per G.O (Ms) No.32/96 G.Edn dt. 6.02.1996. All Girls students of Muslim, Nadar, Anglo-Indian communities whose family income does not exceeds Rs. 18,000/- will be eligible for this scholarship. The rate of scholarship for U.P classes is Rs.75/- per annum and for High School Classes is Rs.100/- per annum. This scheme is implemented through local bodies.

National Scholarship for talented children from Rural Area

The scheme was taken up in Kerala from the year 1971-72 as per
G.O (Ms)128/71/G.Edn dt. 20.09.1971. The awardees are selected community Development Block-wise on the basis of their performance in U.S.S Examination conducted every year.

The number of scholarships given are as follows:-


General Category


   4 scholarship per C.D. block


Children of land less labourers


   2 scholarship per C.D. Block


Scheduled Tribe Children


   3 scholarship for tribal C.D Block


Scheduled Caste children


   2 scholarship per C.D Block and 1 additional
   scholarship per C.D Block having 20% or more
   S/C population

Awardees who are studying in schools where no tuition fees is levied are eligible for Rs. 300/- per annum and those studying in schools where tuition fee is levied are eligible for Rs.460/- per annum and the pupils residing in hostels recognized by Government are eligible for Rs. 1000/- per annum.




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