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Harbour Engineering Department continued to work as a Service Department for Fisheries and Ports Department of the Government of Kerala. The Department undertakes investigation, planning, design, preparation of project reports for the construction of cargo harbours, fishery harbours, fish
landing centres, fish seed farms, hatcheries in addition to the routine maintenance of the port and fisheries structures.

           The present assignments include the construction work of Fishing Harbours at Moplay Bay, Chombal, Puthiappa, Munambam, Kayamkulam, Thangassery, Neendakara, and Vizhinjam.

           In addition to the above the implementation of fisheries roads and water supply schemes under the grant of 10th  Finance Commission was also entrusted to the department. The works in 10 districts were progressing at various stages.

           The operation, management and maintenance of commissioned fishery harbours and fish landing centres were also vested with this department. An amount of Rs. 115,89,040/- has been collected by way of revenue from the finishing harbour and fish landing centres during 1999-2000. (The latest figures awaited)

Organizational Structure

           This department was formed in the year 1982 to work as a service department to Fisheries and Ports Department of the Government of Kerala. The department has achieved expertise and experience in the execution of various civil engineering works connected with ports and harbours. The activity of the department was extended to the fields relating to the development of Prawn/Fish Farms, Hatcheries, Nurseries etc. A good number of Engineers of the department are having Post Graduates and Ph.D qualifications in specialised subjects such as Ocean Engineering, Marine Structure, Ports and Harbours, Hydraulics, Aqua-culture Engineering, Port Operation and Management etc. and the expertise gained by them reflected in the performance of the department. The organisation was set up to function under a Chief Engineer with a Design Wing at Thiruvananthapuram and two regional level circle office (upto 7.2.95) having headquarters at Thiruvananthapuram and Kozhikode. The third circle namely Thangassery Project Circle was formed on 7.2.95. Superintending Engineers are the Regional Officers, Executive Engineers are Divisional Officers, Assistant Executive Engineers are Sub Divisional Officers and Assistant Engineers are Section Officers. The Assistant Engineers are assisted by subordinate field staff, viz., Overseers and Chainmen. Office of the Chief Engineer at Kamaleswaram is the headquarters.

Design Wing

           Design wing is headed by an Executive Engineer assisted by Assistant Executive Engineers and this wing is responsible for the preparation of Project Reports for development schemes, planning, monitoring including compilation, preparation/review of progress reports etc.

Works Section

           The works section headed by the Assistant Executive Engineer (Works) is responsible for scrutinising  estimates, issue of administrative sanction and technical sanction checking and finalisation of tenders, etc. connected with various works under the department.

Electrical Branch

           Electrical Branch is responsible for all electrical works undertaken by the department for which an Assistant Executive Engineer (Electrical) is functioning in the Chief Engineer's Office.

Financial branch

           All financial matters were dealt with the Financial Branch headed by the Finance Officer.
Audit Branch

           The audit branch is functioning in the Chief Engineer's office headed by Finance Officer in order to look after all inspection reports, audit paras, draft paras and also to conduct internal audits in subordinate offices.

Regional Centres (Circles)

           There are three circles, viz. South circle, Project Circle and North Circle- each headed by a Superintending Engineer. The regional circles are at Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam and Kozhikode.

           The Superintending Engineer, South Circle at Thiruvananthapuram is assisted by technical Assistant in the cadre of Assistant Executive Engineer on the technical side and a Senior Superintendent on the ministerial side. The jurisdiction of this circle extended to the districts of Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Alappuzha, Ernakulam, Thrissur and Palakkad.

           Under this circle, there were three divisions viz. Vizhinjam Kayamkulam and Munambam each headed by an Executive Engineer. The Executive Engineers are assisted by a Technical Assistant, Divisional Account and Senior Superintendent etc.

           There is one sub division under the Kayamkulam Division. The Sub Division was attending the various works of Kayamkulam Fishery Harbour Project and the works of Fisheries roads in parts of Kollam and Alappuzha districts.

           Under the Munambam Division there were two sub division controlled by the Assistant Executive Engineer for attending the various works of Munambam Fishery Harbour and the works of fisheries roads of Ernakulam and Thrissur districts. The other fisheries works and Fish Landing Centres were also attended by the Division.

           The Superintending Engineer, project Circle with headquarters at Asramam, Kollam-2 was assisted in the office by Technical Assistant in the cadre of Assistant Executive Engineer on the technical side and a Senior Superintendent on the ministerial side. There were two divisions under this circle, namely Thangassery Fishing Harbour Division, Kollam and Neendakara Fishing Harbour Division, Sakthikulangara each headed by an Executive Engineer.

           The Superintending Engineer with headquarters at Kozhikode was assisted by Technical Assistant in the cadre of Assistant Executive Engineer on the technical side and a Senior Superintendent on the ministerial side. Under this Circle two divisions were functioning viz at Kozhikode, and Kannur each headed by an Executive Engineer.

           Under Kozhikode Division, there were 4 sub divisions two at Beypore and one at Chombal and one at Puthiappa. Under Kannur Division, there are three sub divisions Mopla Bay, Azhikkal Mattul.

Important officers with Telephone Numbers



Chief Engineer 

Harbour Engineering Dept. Kamaleswaram. TVPM

Deputy Chief Engineer

Harbour Engineering Dept.Kamaleswaram. TVPM

Superintending Engineer

Harbour Engineering Dept. South Circle, TVPM

Superintending Engineer  

Harbour Engineering Dept.Project Circle, Kollam

Superintending Engineer

Harbour Engineering Dept.North Circle, Kozhikode

Executive Engineer (Design)

Harbour Engineering Dept.

Executive Engineer

Fishery Harbour Project Division, Vizhinjam

Executive Engineer

Fishery Harbour Division,Kollam


Harbour Engineering division Neendakara


Harbour Engineering Division  Kayamkulam


Harbour Engineering Division, Munambam


Harbour Engineering Division, Munambam


Harbour Engineering Division Kozhikode


Harbour Engineering Division Kannur

Investigations Work
           The department continued the investigation works for the preparation of project Reports for the development of minor and intermediate Ports, Fishing Harbours and Fish Landing Centres.

Preparation of Project Reports

           Following projects reports were prepared and submitted to the Government during 1999-2000:


( lakhs)



Fishery Harbour at Thalai



November 1999

Fishery Harbour at Ponnani



November 1999

Fishery Harbour at Muthalapozhy 



October 1999

Improvement of facilities for marine fishing crafts in Kerala



May 1999

Fishing Landing Centre at Valanja Vazhi



March 2000

Fishing Landing Centre at Padanna



January 2000

The following designs were done during the year under report:

1.   Design of breakwater at Muthalapozhy
2.   Design of Gate and Gate House at Thangassery and Kayamkulam
3.   Revised design of 100m. cargo wharf at Beypore
4.   Design of Wharf and Auction Hall for Fishery Harbour at Kayamkulam
5.   Design of RFTHS building at Valiathura
6.   Architectural design of Fisheries Training Complex at Kadungallore.


Sanction for the following developmental schemes were obtained during the year under report


Date of sanction by
Government of India

Date of  estimate sanction by Government of Kerala

Cost in lakhs













Moplabay and Chombal fishing Harbours were commissioned on 25.5.1999


Aleppey Port
Special repairs of S.J. Pier at Alappuzha completed.

Beypore Port
Construction of 100m wharf at Beypore Port had been completed.

Azhikkal Port
Construction of breakwater at Azhikkal side is in progress and reached upto 996m and that at Mattul side reached upto 580m.

Capital repairs and major additions to pier and other structure of various ports in the State.

           Maintenance works of Port Department  buildings and structure at Kannur, Kasargod, Beypore, Ponnani, Kozhikode, Badakara, Alappuzha, kollam were carried out during the year under report. Fitting of fender to be arranged, construction of flag mast at Light House compound at Kozhikode completed and special repairs to the post office building completed.

Construction work (Fisheries)
Vizhinjam Fishery Harbour

           Administrative Sanction for Rs. 704 lakhs was received vide G.O.(MS) No. 15/87/ F& PD. dated: 31.3.87 for the work of Vizhinjam Fishery Harbour Project II & III. About 1,96,439 cum earth work was done to make the site level for executing work of structures. All the bored piles have been driven along the quay wall. The casting of 327m of quay wall has already been completed. Balance works are in progress.

Neendakara Fishery Harbour

           The revised sanction for Neendakara Fishery Harbour costing RS 622 lakhs with 50% CSS was received during 1/92 and was partially commissioned on 27.3.1998. Balance construction of 100m long quay at Sakthikulangara could not be commenced as land acquisition was not completed. The construction of additional facilities such as petty shops, locker room, police aid post, etc. were completed.

Thangassery Fishery Harbour

           The  construction of Fishery Harbour at Thangassery in Kollam District costing RS 1980.50 lakhs under 50% CSS was commenced in 11/91 and is in progress. The I Stage work of main breakwater upto 1685m and that of leeward breakwater 500m were completed. Workshop and repairs shed was completed and compound wall and electrification were partially completed. Work of locker hall, dredging, canteen & provision store etc. were progressing. The construction of auction hall I & II is completed and the extension of 415 of main breakwater was commenced and in progress. Administrative block, quarters, toilet & bath, community hall etc. completed.

Kayamkulam Fishery Harbour

           The construction of Fishery Harbour at Kayamkulam costing RS 624.60 lakhs was sanctioned by Government of India during 8/94 and Government of Kerala during 1/95. 71 cents of land at Azhikkal side was acquired. For the construction of breakwater, tenders were invited from pre-qualified contractors but the work is not awarded due to litigation. Construction of Administrative Office, erection of one weigh bridge, reclamation bund etc. were completed at Azhikkal side. The dredging work was completed. NIT was issued for Wharf and Auction Hall.

Munambam Fishery Harbour

           Revised sanction costing Rs. 1167.20 lakhs with 50% CSS was received during 10/96. Development of Munambam Fishery Harbour is nearing completion. Construction of breakwaters at Munambam side and Azhikode side was completed. The repairs of the Kunjumoideen road to the approach road leading to the Munambam breakwater and the black topping of approach road to Azhikode breakwater are completed in all respects. Construction of gate and gate house, compound wall, canteen and provision store were completed and the construction of toilet block and locker hall were completed. Works of wharf and Auction hall were completed. Reclamation work behind the wharf completed and also internal roads completed. Works of electric supply and lighting etc. almost completed.

Puthiappa Fishery Harbour

           The revised sanction for the construction of Fishery Harbour at Puthiappa in Kozhikode District costing RS 962.50 lakhs with 50% CSS was received during 1/96. The works were almost completed and scheme commissioned on 2.2.1996.

Chombal Fishery Harbour

           The project was sanctioned in 1992 with 50% CSS at an estimate cost of RS 556 lakhs.  Construction of breakwaters completed. Construction  work of Administration Block, Auction Hall, locker room, toilet block, workshop & repair shed, gate & gate house, compound wall, canteen & provision store, etc. were completed and  the project commissioned on 25.5.1999.

Mopla Bay Fishery Harbour

           The Mopla Bay Fishery Harbour Project costing Rs.564 lakhs was sanctioned in 1992 with 50% CSS and the works were commenced during 12/93. Extension of breakwater and extension of existing 3rd Groyne were completed. Construction of Administrative Office, Guest House, Quarters, gate & gate house, wharf, water tank, locker room, canteen, auction hall, roads, shops, etc. were completed and  the project commissioned on 25.51999. The balance dredging work was in progress.

Muthalapozhy Fishery Harbour

The Government of India have sanctioned the project costing Rs.1366 lakhs during 3/2000 under 50% CSS. The works are in preliminary stages.

Ponnani Fishery Harbour

           Government of Kerala have sanctioned the scheme during 3/2000 in anticipation of sanction from Government of India. The total cost of the scheme comes to Rs. 2970 lakhs. The works are being arranged.

Thalai Fishery Harbour

           Government of Kerala have sanctioned the scheme during 3/2000 in anticipation of the sanction from Government of India. The project cost comes to RS 1370 lakhs. The works are in preliminary stage.

Fish landing Centres for mechanised boats

Government of India have sanctioned 10 fish landing centres for mechanised boats along the coast of Kerala under 50% CSS.






New Mahe




South Paravoor.

Of the above landing centres at Kasargod, Neeleswaram, Dharmadam, Cheruvathur, New Mahe, Munakkakadavu, Chettuvai and Thottappally were almost completed and commissioned. The work of Fish Landing Centre at Palacode were completed except auction hall, drainage etc. Revised estimate was submitted to Government for the construction of fish landing centre at South Paravoor.

Fish landing centre for traditional fishermen

           Government had sanctioned 15 Fish Landing Centres for Traditional Fishermen along the Kerala Coast under 50% CSS.




Vellayil Beach



Vizhinjam South

Vizhinjam North

Kattoor Pollathai





Poovar & Kadapra.

Of the above the landing centres at Vellayil Beach, Vallikkunnu, Quilandy, Arthungal and Chalilgopapalettah were completed and commissioned. The Fish Landing Centre at Vizhinjam South was almost completed. The work of Pallithottam was not taken up due to the development of Thangassery Fishery Harbour and that of Vizhinjam North was terminated due to local resistance.


           The land required for the project was purchased and the inauguration of the fish landing centre was conducted on 31.12.96. Construction of compound wall around the department land and construction of administrative block is almost completed. All other works were nearing completion.


           Land required for the project is purchased and foundation stone for the project was laid on 3.12.96. Construction of compound wall was completed except the gate. Construction of Administrative Block, Locker Room, Lavatory Block and Security Room, Canteen and Provision store, etc. were almost completed and the project is ready for commissioning.


           The fish landing centre for traditional fishermen at Ettikulam was sanctioned by Government for an amount of Rs.85.20 lakhs during January 98. The land required for the project is to be acquired. Government of Kerala issued sanction for the project for an amount of Rs.91.20 lakhs including land acquisition costs. Agreement executed and work commenced for weigh bridge.

Kanhangad, Thikkodi, Kadapra, Poovar

           These fish landing centers were sanctioned by Government of India during 3/99 costing RS 123.18 lakhs. The works are  being arranged and in preliminary stages.

Works under the Grant of 10th Finance Commission
a.   Fisheries roads
           As per G.O.(Rt) No.406/98/F&PD dated 29.9.98, Government have entrusted the work of Fisheries Road Scheme under 10th Finance Commission to Harbour Engineering Department. Accordingly the works were taken up by Harbour Engineering Department and some of these were completed and others are in progress in various districts of Kerala,

b.   Water supply scheme

           As per G.O. (Rt) 254/99/F&PD. dated 25.5.99, Harbour Engineering Dept. was entrusted with the works of drinking water scheme by the Government of India under 10th Finance Commission. After conducting the preliminary investigation the estimates for the various schemes which are found feasible are under preparation. A sum of RS 175 lakhs was provided in the budget 1999-2000 for implementing the Water Supply Scheme in selected villages of the marine districts of the State.

Major Tools and plants with the Department
1.       Crawler mounted TATA P&H Crane Boom length 25m (70 ton) 2 Nos.
2.       Crawler mounted 101 MK Hind Marine Crane boom length 25 m (70 ton) 1 No.
3.       Crawler mounted TATA P&H 320 Crane Boom length 10m (10 ton) 1 No.
4.       Tyre mounted close crane boom length 10m (10 tone)       3 Nos.
5.       Crawler mounted LBS Crane Boom length 8m (2 tone) 1 No.
6.        Submersible sand pump (DP 13C) Unit 720m3/Hour capacity 2 Nos.
7.        Submersible sand pump (DP 100) Unit 360m3/Hour capacity 2 Nos.
8.        Boring Plant 3 Nos.
9.        Road Roller  2 Nos.
10.      Weigh Bridge 10 Nos.
11.      Mechanised Boats     7 Nos.
12.      Air Compressor    10 Nos.


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