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           For the candidates of First Year (CLASS XI) there will be an internal evaluation examination at the end of the first year covering the portion of class XI. The conduct of the internal evaluation and finalization of results will be done by the Principals of the respective schools. The candidates of first year (CLASS XI) undergoing internal evaluation must have completed the course of study in a Higher Secondary school for one academic year securing not less than 75% attendance. The candidates of CLASS XI must have to secured in aggregate minimum marks alone will be permitted to appear for the Public Examination (CLASS X II)

( Follow the instruction given above).

           The candidates for the Higher Secondary Public Examination (Class XII) in March must have completed the course of study for class XII securing not less than 75% attendance. They should have also passed in all papers in the first year examination. First appearance for the examination will be permitted only in the March session. The Principals are therefore directed to see that all regular students (2000-2002 batch) are presented for Higher Secondary Examination, March, 2002 if they are otherwise eligible.

           Shortage of attendance below the minimum specified above for class XI and class XII can be condoned in deserving cases based on the existing rules, issued by the Director, Higher Secondary Education.
For practical examination attendance is compulsory. A candidate who fails to attend the practical examination in a particular subject will be treated as failed in that subject.

           To get a pass in a subject, a candidate must appear for both theory and practical together. A candidate for the Higher Secondary Examination (CLASS XII) shall be required to register himself for the whole examination at his first appearance. In the case of Kalamandalam Art Higher Secondary course those who have secured minimum marks of 50% in practicals are exempted from appearing for the practicals in subsequent appearance.

           There will be two examinations in a Year, one in March, and the other [SAY Examination for the candidates who failed only in one subject in the March Examination] one month after publication of results of examination held in March. First appearance will be permitted only in March examination.

           A candidate should obtain 35% mark in each subject in which there is no practical except in the Art subject. In the case of general subjects where there are practical, candidates should obtain a separate minimum of 30% marks in theory and 35% aggregate in theory and practical, taken together (no separate minimum for practical except in Arts subjects). For Art Higher Secondary papers a separate minimum of 36% is prescribed for theory and 50% for practical to get a pass.

           Candidates who fail in the examination in one subject only register for the failed subject alone (both theory & practical) in the ''SAY Examination'' of the succeeding March examination. Those who fail in more than one subject may appear for the succeeding March examination in the failed subjects for a Pass. Failed candidates are not permitted to appear for the whole examination again if they have passed in any subject. All candidates (first and subsequent appearance) are to write the examination in accordance with the syllabus prescribed for March 2002 Examination. All candidates on rolls as on 1-1-2002 shall be presented for the March 2002 examination if they are otherwise eligible.

           Successful candidates of the Higher Secondary examination shall be classified as follows:
Candidates who pass the Second Year (CLASS XII) Examination in the first sitting alone will be classified as given below:

1. Not less than 75% of the Grand Total mark will be placed in the ''FIRST CLASS WITH DISTINCTION''
2. Not less than 60% but below 75% will be placed in ''FIRST CLASS"
3. Not less than 50% but below 60% will be placed in '' SECOND CLASS''
4. All other candidates who pass the Higher Secondary Examination will be placed in ''THIRD CLASS''
All candidates who pass the Examination in subsequent appearance on compartmental basis will be placed in 'THIRD CLASS'

Certificates will be issued to all, noting result, class etc.

           There is a prescribed form of application for admission to the examination. Duly filled up application must be forwarded through the Head of the Institution in which they are studying / studied. The attested photocopy of first page and mark noted page of S.S.L.C book is to be attached to the application form. No change of centre will be allowed. No application received directly from the candidates in this office will be entertained. The heads of institutions should also note that no candidates other than those who had appeared from the school are permitted to appear from there as private candidates.

           The prescribed form of application and hall tickets will be available with the Heads of institutions. The entries in the application form should be made very carefully. The heads of institution must collect duly filled up application and admission ticket blanks along with examination fee from the candidates.

Examination fee for Second Year (CLASS XII) RS 75/-
Fine for late remittance RS 5/-
Fee for one subject (including practical) RS 15/-
Fee for Certificate RS 10/-
(For getting duplicate certificates click here)

           After obtaining the application the Head of the institution should prepare the A lists. Separate 'A' list is to be prepared for SCIENCE, HUMANITIES, COMMERCE, TECHNICAL AND ART branches. Before preparing the A lists- the Heads of institution should verify whether the information furnished by the candidate is genuine.


1. The names of the candidates are to be entered as in the SSLC Book and also in capital letters with Black ink. Special attention should be given for writing the spelling correctly and for giving space between, when the name is to be split as per SSLC Book.
2. Against each name the sex of the candidate, Male/Female [M/F] and also whether the candidate belongs to SC/ST should be noted in Red ink.
3. Separate 'A' Form should be used for each group of candidates viz. SCIENCE,
4. In each group the names of the candidates shall be arranged alphabetically, gender wise, Second language wise [Second Language in the order given in the A Form, that is MALAYALAM, HINDI, etc.]
5. Total number of candidates appearing for each subject should be written at the end of the 'A' Form.
6. In the case of candidates appearing in subsequent appearances their previous
appearance Register Nos. and year should be entered in the 'A' Form [column provided]
7. The applications should be forwarded arranging in the order shown in the list of 'A' Form.
8. Keep the 'A' Form very clean. Do not fold it unnecessarily but return it in long and
sufficiently large covers.
9. Use the new type of ''A'' form. Do not change the A form. Don't use the Old type of A form
Before forwarding the above forms and statements the Principals should ensure that the instructions are followed correctly.


           Examination fees at the rate mentioned in the relevant para above should be collected from the candidates and remitted in the treasury as stated elsewhere. The fees due from SC/ST/OBC students should be got reimbursed from the SC and ST Development Departments. Remit this to the relevant head of account in the Government treasury. Fees should not be collected from students in such cases.
On no account the examination fee should be sent directly to this office. The amount once remitted as examination fees will not be refunded or adjusted towards the fee for a subsequent examination on any account. Fees remitted prior to the date of the notification will not be entertained. Receipt should be issued using the school fees receipt book for every item of fees collected. The fees for certificate, examination and fine as the case may be should be collected from the candidates and remitted into the Government Treasury under the Head of Account ''0202-01-102-97 (02) Exam fees'' and in the case of fee for certificate, it may be remitted under the Head of Account ''0202-01-102-97 (03) other receipts''. Chalan receipt (original) should be forwarded to this office along with A&B lists, application forms and admission tickets after keeping a chalan register in the school. A photocopy of the chalan may also be retained there.

           Candidates will not be permitted to attend practical in any institution other than the one in which they have studied. Candidates should contact the Chief Superintendent of the Centre in advance and ascertain the date, venue etc. for practical examination. The candidate should produce their hall tickets for practical examination also.


           The candidates of Kerala State Open School for the subsequent appearance shall register at the same Examination Centre where they registered for the first appearance. They are not allowed to change their Examination Centre for subsequent appearances.

           Students belonging to scheduled castes and eligible communities including Kudumbis and converts from among them as notified by the Director, Scheduled Castes Development Department and Scheduled Tribes are exempted from payment of fees, provided the same has to be got reimbursed from the concerned department.

           Blind candidates will be exempted from questions in drawing etc. They will be allowed 15 minutes more for every hour of examination, as they have to write in Braille system. Blind candidate answering the examination utilizing the service of a scribe will be granted extension of time of 10 minutes per hour per paper. The deaf and dumb candidates will be given additionally 20% of marks secured by them in theory papers as they are backward in language ability. Orthopedically handicapped students who cannot freely use their hands due to the handicap in their upper limbs will be granted an extra time of 10 minutes for every hour of examination. They will be excepted from drawing diagrams and geometrical figures on the basis of a certificate, (to the effect that the nature of handicap in hand is such that it would warrant the grant of exemption) given by Medical Board with qualified Medical Specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation or Orthopedics. Request for the benefits under the scheme should be submitted sufficiently early to the Director and concession got granted before writing the examination. Candidates are eligible for award of Grace Marks as per G.O (MS) 75/94/G. Edn dated. 12/5/94 for their outstanding performance in Sports/Youth festival. The candidates who are eligible for the same have to submit their application along with required certificates. They should apply to the Directorate through the school in which they have undergone their application along with required certificates. They should apply to the Directorate through the school in which they have undergone their course of study on or before 30 th of March every year.

           The maximum marks that can be given as grace marks have been limited. Grace marks are awarded subject to certain conditions. The maximum marks that may be secured after award of grace marks will be decided by the Director [Grace marks will not be considered for the purpose of Ranking]

           Hall tickets will be issued sufficiently early and the candidates must receive the hall tickets at least three days before the commencement of examination. The candidates, on candidates on receipt of the hall tickets must scrutinize them and get the defect, if any, rectified then and there. The department will not be responsible for any defects in the hall ticket, which is not pointed out by the candidate then and there. Complaints if any raised during or after the examination regarding discrepancies about the subject of appearance will not be considered.
           There is provision for cancellation of registration of the examination in deserving cases. The rules for cancellation are appended.

           Candidate who commits or attempts to commit malpractice in the examination may not be expelled immediately and may be allowed to sit for the same paper with a fresh answer book and to write subsequent examinations, provided, he/she agrees in writing to abide by the decision taken by the higher authorities after holding proper enquiries. Copying from other candidates and helping other candidates for copying or taking to other candidates or possessing any written or printed matter in the examination hall or violation of decorum in the examination hall will be treated as malpractice. If any candidate behaves in any unruly manner either in the examination hall or in the premises of the institution where the examination is conducted , he will be expelled from the examination center by the Chief Superintendent.


           There is an arrangement for confidential reporting of marks directly to the institutions outside the state only for considering applications of students for entrance examination, for admission to professional courses etc. Application for confidential reporting of marks should reach this office 10 days prior to the publication of results.

1. Application in the prescribed from
2. Chalan receipt for Rs. 50/- remitted in a Government Treasury in Kerala under the Head of Account ''0202-01-102-97 (03) Other Receipts Higher Secondary Education''.
3. Envelope addressed to the Head of institution outside the state where the mark is to be reported duly affixing stamps for registered speed post.
4. If a candidate desires to have his marks reported confidentially to different institutions
separate applications should be submitted for each institution.
Scrutiny and Revaluation of Answer Scripts
Application from the candidates in the form prescribed (Appendix-5) for the scrutiny of valued answer scripts will be accepted only if it is received by the Joint Director [Examination] within three weeks from the date of publication of results. Belated application will not be entertained. Scrutiny fee is RS 20/- per paper.
Application from the candidates in the form prescribed in Appendix-4 for revaluation will be considered only if it is received within three weeks from the date of publication of results.

Revaluation Fee is RS 100/- Per Answer Book

           The fee for scrutiny or revaluation should be remitted into the treasury under the head of account ''0202-01-102-97 (03) other receipts'' in the name of the candidate himself and the original chalan should be sent along with the application. Remittance made in the name of persons other than the candidate will be summarily rejected. Scrutiny or revaluation fee will not be accepted in cash or Money Order. Candidates from Gulf schools need produce Bank Demand Draft for the amount drawn on any nationalized Bank in favour of the Director, Higher Secondary Education payable at Thiruvananthapuram. Fee once remitted will not be refunded.


           All candidates of Higher Secondary Examination except those specified below are eligible to apply for revaluation of their answer scripts in theory papers. (There will be no provision for revaluation in respect of answer books in practical examination).

           Every application for revaluation should be submitted by the candidate in the prescribed form along with the prescribed fee mentioned below and attested copy of the mark list so as to reach the Director, Higher Secondary Education. Housing Board Buildings, Santhi Nagar, Thiruvananthapuram - 1 within the prescribed time-limit. Candidates are advised to send their applications only by registered post addressed to the Joint Director (Examination), Higher Secondary Education with the superscription on the envelop Application for the revaluation of answer scripts of Higher Secondary Examination, March 200......

           The prescribed fee for revaluation is Rs.100/- (RS One hundred only) per answer book. For this purpose, if different sections of question papers are answered in different answer books, all the answer books together will be treated as a single unit.

           The fee should be paid under the Head of Account ''0202-01-102-97 (03) Other receipts'' through treasury chalan in any Government treasury within the state and original chalan must be sent with the application for revaluation in the prescribed application form.

           Applications, which are late and not in the prescribed form and which are found defective in any respect will not be entertained and will be summarily rejected without any notice. In the case of those students whose papers have been revalued FOR RANKS by two examiners earlier, the papers will not be revalued again.

           In the case of applications, which are found in order, immediate steps will be taken to get the answer books revalued expeditiously so as to issue the results of revaluation as quickly as possible.
The results of revaluation will be communicated to the candidates concerned individually in the address furnished in their applications, as soon as the result are ready for issue. No interim enquires of any kind will be entertained in this regard.

           It may be noted there can never set, in any case, a time for the issue of the results of revaluation. The department, therefore, will not be liable for loss sustained by candidates concerned on account of delay, if any, in issuing the results of revaluation.

           Centres of the examination are shown in Appendix-11. The Heads of institutions should note their Centre number and ensure its correctness while filling the lists. "A" lists must be transmitted to the Joint Director, Examinations, Higher Secondary Education on the next day after the completion of examination itself after noting "A" in columns of the subjects in which the candidates are absent. A detailed absent statement must accompany the "A" list.

Centralised Valuation camps are arranged at various centres. The answer papers should be sent in the name address of the Camp Co-ordinator of respective Camps.

Joint Director (Exam) is available on the telephone No
[NS. SYAMA PRASAD] [0471] 325868 Office [0471] 434529 Residence
KB. Madhusoodhanan Pillai, Deputy Director [Exam] [0476] 847964 Residence
R. Salim Kumar. Deputy Director [Exam] .........................

The other Tel Nos. available in the Directorate are :
[0471] 320714 Director
[0471] 320928 A.O & F.O


Appendix 1 The rates of remuneration for the conduct of Theory and Practical

Appendix 2 Application form for Duplicate Mark list/ Certificate.
Appendix 3 Application form for Migration Certificate & Instructions.
Appendix 4 Application form for Revaluation of Answer Scripts.
Appendix 5 Application form for scrutiny of valued Answer Scripts.
Appendix 6 Rules relating to condonation of shortage in the minimum attendance prescribed
Appendix 7 Application form for condonation of shortage in the minimum attendance prescribed.
Appendix 8 Application form for confidential reporting of marks and instructions
Appendix 9 Instructions to candidate is appearing for the Higher Secondary Examination.
Appendix 10 Rules for cancellation of Higher Secondary Examination, Concession to the Handicapped, The Deaf, the Blind etc.
Appendix 11 Names of Examination Centres with Centre code.


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