Govt. Homoeopathic Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram

The Organisation Structure of the Department

Director of Homeopathy is the head of the Department functioning in the Directorate under Secretary to Health & Family Welfare of the Health Ministry. There is a Deputy Director who is also functioning in the Directorate to the Director. An Administrative Officer and an Administrative Assistant are also there to assist the Director in the administrative matters. To assist the Director in the Technical matters a Technical assistant, who is a medical Officer in the Department, is working in the Central store attached to the Directorate.

Senior Supdt
Junior Supdt
Junior Supdt -2
Head Clerk

There are 13 District medical Officers for this department. Each District Medical Officer has administrative control over the institutions in his respective district. The District Medical Officer, Kozhikode has administrative over the districts Wayanad and Kozhikode. Under the District Medical Officer, Superintendent, Chief Medical Officers and Medical Officers are functioning in Hospitals and Dispensaries.

List and address of area-wise officers

Headquarters: Directorate of Homoeopathy
East Fort,
Thiruvananthapuram- 695 023


District Offices:


District Medical Office(Homoeo)
East Fort, Thiruvananthapuram

District Medical Office (Homoeo)
Kollam, Thevally, Thevally P.O.,
Kollam - 691009

District Medical Office (Homoeo)
Fathima Complex, 1st Floor
East Power House
Alappuzha North PO,
Alappuzha- 688 007

District Medical Office (Homoeo)
Bliz Building
Addor, Addor PO,
Pathanamthitta- 691 523

District Medical Office (Homoeo)
St. Antony's Complex
Kottayam- 686 001

District Medical Office (Homoeo)
Idukki, Tharaniyil Building,
Thodupuzha P.,
Idukki- 685 584

District Medical Office (Homoeo)
Ernakulam, Bus stand Building
Kaloor, Cochin
Ernakulam- 682 017

District Medical Office (Homoeo)
Lalloor, Elthuruthu PO,
Thrissur- 680 611

District Medical Office (Homoeo)
Govt. Homoeo Hospital Building
Chathupuram PO,
Kalpathy - 678 003

District Medical Office (Homoeo)
Civil Station
Malappuram -676 505

District Medical Office (Homoeo)
Kozhikode Civil Station
'B' Block, 3rd floor
Kozhikode-673 020

District Medical Office (Homoeo)
Kasargod, Kannangad PO,
Kasargod - 670 320

Address of important authorities and telephones

Director of Homoeopathy
(Full additional charge)
East Fort,
Thiruvananthapuram 470342 471428 455934

Administrative Officer
Directorate of Homoeopathy
East Fort,
Thiruvananthapuram 470342

Administrative Assistant
Directorate of Homoeopathy
East Fort,
Thiruvananthauram. 470342 _ 530877

District Medical Officer (Homoeo)
East Fort,
Thiruvananthauram. 474266

District Medical Officer (Homoeo)
Thevally, Thevally PO
Kollam-691 009 797220

District Medical Officer (Homoeo)
Alappuzha, Fathima Complex
Ist floor, XV/534.D
East of Power House,
Alappuzha North PO,
Alappuzha- 688 007 231009

Dr. R. Saseendrababu,
District Medical Officer (Homoeo)
(Full additional charge)
Bliz Building, Adoor,
Adoor PO,
Pathanamthitta- 691 523 426063

District Medical Officer (Homoeo)
St. Antony's Complex
Kottayam- 686 001 583516

District Medical Officer (Homoeo)
(Full additional charge)
Tharaniyil Building,
Thodupuzha PO,
Idukki _ 685 584 227326

District Medical Officer (Homoeo)
Bus stand Building,
Kaloor, Cochin,
Ernakulam-682 017 345687

District Medical Officer (Homoeo)
Thrissur, Lalloor,
Elthuruthu PO,
Thrissur- 680 611 386643

District Medical Officer (Homoeo)
Government Homoeo Hospital Building,
Chathupuram PO,
Kalapathy-678 003 576355

District Medical Officer (Homoeo)
(Full additional charge)
Malappuram, Civil Station,
Malappuram-676 505 731387

District Medical Officer (Homoeo)
Kozhikode, Civil Station,
'B' Block, 3rd floor,
Kozhikode-673 020 371748

District Medical Officer (Homoeo)
Civil Station 'F' Block,
II Floor, Kannur 711726

District Medical Officer, (Homoeo)
Kasargod, Kanhangad PO,
Kasargod- 670 320 706886

Project with details

"Opening of Rural Homoeo Dispensaries" is the major project/programme is being implemented under this Department. Other plan aches which are implemented under this Department are Directorate of Homoeopathy, Homoeopathy District Offices, Taluk Hospitals, Increasing bed strength in District and Taluk Hospitals, Providing Modern Equipments and other facilities in Hospitals. Unification of staff pattern in Hospitals and dispensaries, Strengthening of District Hospitals, Assistance to Kerala State Homoeopathic Co-Operative Pharmacy and Minor works.

The major Non-Plan Programme/Scheme is Hospitals and Dispensaries. Other non-plan schemes are Homoeopathy Directorate, District Medical Officers and Minor works.

Achievements and success stories of the Department

In Kerala the first Government Homoeopathic Dispensary was started in 1958 when Dr. A.R. Menon was the Minister for Health. Thereafter the Government Homoeo Dispensaries started in the State were functioning as a separate wing under the Department of Indigenous Medicines. In 1973 a Separate Department was formed for Homoeopathic system of treatment by bifurcating then Department of Indigenous Medicines. At the time of formation of the Department there were 63 Homoeopathic Dispensaries under Government sector. Now, at the end of the 9th plan there are 524 Rural Homoeo Dispensaries and 31 Hospitals with 970 beds under the Department of Homoeopathy. The total staff strength is 2606. Over these years the Department of Homoeopathy has made a steady progress is setting up of a net work of Hospitals and Dispensaries with a view to render medical aid to all especially to those at the grass root level.


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