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Kerala water supply project
(Assisted by Japan Bank of International Co-operation)

This department is headed by a secretary to government

The activities of Kerala Irrigation Department is mainly classified into Major, medium and Minor irrigation (Surface Water), Anti Sea Erosion, Flood Control, Inland Water Transport, Irrigation Design & Research, Investigation etc,. A mechanical wing is also functioning under this department.


For the proper and effective functioning of this department, the works relating to the various branches have been brought under the control of six Chief Engineers as detailed below separately.


  • The main purpose of the Department is to formulate water policies, the maintenance of the completed projects, prepare Irrigation projects and execute them in time within the prevailing rules and regulations for the benefit of the people of the state.  The Department is having plan schemes and Non-plan schemes.  Plan schemes are either centrally sponsored of externally aided schemes.

  • The Water Resources Department is the agency that investigates, designs, construct, operate and maintain, Minor, Medium and Major Irrigation Projects, Flood control works on river banks, coastal protection works, inland navigation, hydrological information system collection, drainage works, salinity extrusion and land reclamation works, engineering research, coastal engineering, field studies etc., based on suitable budget provisions.

  • The Command Area Development Works on irrigated commands of the state under CADA programme for the completed projects.

  • Formulation of State water policy fixing of water rates and integrated Irrigation Bill and also an Integrated Water resources Development plan for Kerala for Irrigation, Drinking Water and Electricity.

  • The renewal of PAP Agreements with Tamil Nadu by JWR and settle interstate water disputes through Cauvery cell at New Delhi.


  • Conducting Investigation of projects and prepare project reports for implementation for the benefit of the people.

  • Implementation of the Irrigation projects after investigation

  • Operation and maintenance of the projects for the sustainable development through Project Advisory Committees of each project

  • Make the Irrigation system reliable, predictable and equitable involving users, planners and policy makers.

  • Conducting sedimentation surveys in reservoirs and water resources surveys to monitor river water quality

  • Monitoring and Evaluation of the Irrigation Projects using remote Sensing Technique.

  • Conducting Model studies for Reservoirs, dams, Spillways etc., and also soil surveys for investigation of projects and coastal Engineering, Field Studies.

  • To disseminate knowledge about the availability of water and its utilization to the general public

  • To assist other departments and the general public in preparing water utilization projects.


           The Department consists of 6 Chief Engineer’s office, 15 circle offices, 58 Division, 197 Sub Division Offices and 778 Section Offices.  The Superintending engineers work as Regional Officers, Executive Engineers as District level officers, and Assistant Executive Engineers as Sub Divisional Officers and Assistant Engineers as Section Officers.  The Chief Engineer Mechanical at Thiruvananthapuram is entrusted with supervision and maintenance of Machineries and vehicles of the department.  Also he looks after the design, fabrication, erection and maintenance of all irrigation mechanical structures like shutters, locks, salt-water barriers etc.  To issue licenses and fitness certificates to the Boats and its crew of water transport, to the country Boats, of inland navigation.  There is a Superintending Engineer for Cauvery Cell at Delhi.  Also an Interstate waters cell is there at Thiruvananthapuram.


           By implementing so many Water Development projects in the State the economic status and the standard of living of the farming community is increased.  The data collected and analyzed in the Department are widely used for plan preparation and preparation of Development schemes, monitoring and evaluation programmes by other Research Organization like CESS & SWRDB etc.  The Details such as daily Reservoir storage levels, availability of Irrigation water and the period of Irrigation, crop period etc,. are made available to the public.

           Government vide GO (P) No. 34/2003/P&ARD Dated 19th November 2003, 363 posts and vide GO (P) No. 7/2003/P&ARD Dated 17-1-2003, 276 posts are abolished.  In addition to this 2193 posts are identified and redeployed to Local Self Government Department.

1. Chief Engineer(Irrigation & Administration)

The detail of works under the control are,
a. Administration of Irrigation Department
b. Minor Irrigation
c. Anti Sea Erosion
d. Flood Control
e. Salt Water Exclusion
f. Inland Water Transport
For executing the above works, he is assisted by Superintending Engineers, Executive Engineers, Assistant Executive Engineers, Assistant Engineers with supporting staff in various offices through out the State
The matters related to Inter State Water sharing is also under his control., under a Cauvery cell with offices
at New Delhi & Thiruvananthapuram.

In the Office, the Chief Engineer (Irrigation & Administration) is assisted by Deputy Chief Engineer (Administration), Deputy Chief Engineer (Irrigation), Superintending Engineer / Co-Ordinator (External Aided Schemes), Finance Officer, Administrative Officer, Legal Officer etc. with supporting staff.

The Head Quarters of the Chief Engineer (Irrigation & Administration is at Thiruvananthapuram

Office Address Telephone No Fax No
1. The Chief Engineer, Irrigation & Administration PublicOfficeBuilding, Thiruvananthapuram 0471-2322927 0471-2322927
2.DeputyChiefEngineer (Administration) 0471-2328617  
3. Deputy Chief Engineer (Irrigation) 0471-2320574  

2. Chief Engineer (Projects-I)

Deals with Major & Medium Irrigation Projects in Northern part of Kerala.

Head quarters of the Chief Engineer (Project -I) is at Kozhikode.

Office Address
The Chief Engineer, projects -I, Kozhikode
Telephone No: 0495-2370672
Fax No: 0495-2370672

The following ongoing projects are under the control of Chief Engineer, projects-I
I. Pazhassi Irrigation Project
II. Karapuzha
III. Kanhirapuzha
IV. Kuriyakutty-Karappara
V. Attappady Valley Irrigation project VI.
Bridge cum regulator at Chamravattom
VII. Banasureasagar Irrigation Project
VIII. Bridge cum regulator at
In addition to the above, the following completed projects are also under the control of the Chief Engineer, projects-I
I. Kuttiyadi Irrigation Project
II. Malampuzha Irrigation Project
III. Walayar Irrigation project
IV. Gayathri Irrigation project
V. Chittur puzha Irrigation project
VI. Mangalam Irrigation Project
VII. Pothundi Irrigation project
VIII. Chalakkudy River Divers in scheme.

3. Chief Engineer (Projects-II)

The major & Medium Irrigation projects on the Southern part of Kerala and National Hydrology Project aided by the World Bank are under the control of Chief Engineer, project-II
The following projects are under his control.
I. Muvattupuzha Valley Irrigation project.
II. Periyar Valley Irrigation project
III. Neyyar Irrigation project
IV. Pamba Irrigation project
V. Peechi Irrigation project
VI. Chimony irrigation project
VII. Idamalayar Irrigation project
VIII. Chalakkudy Irrigation project
IX. Cheerakuzhy Irrigation project
X. Vazhani Irrigation Project
XI. Vamanapuram irrigation project
Out of the above projects, Moovattupuzha Valley Irrigation projects and idamalayar Irrigation project are the on going projects. Head Quarters of the Chief Engineer (Projects-II) is at thiruvananthapuram.

Office Address
The Chief Engineer, Projects-II, Public Office Building, Thiruvananthapuram
Telephone No
: 0471-2324394
Fax No. : 0471-2324394

4. Chief Engineer Investigation & Designs (Irrigation Design & Research Board) 

Deals with the Design & Research & Investigation of all the irrigation structures in Kerala Irrigation Department. Design wing is functioning in Thiruvananthapuram under a Director (Designs) in the rank of superintending Engineer and Research wing, viz., Kerala Engineering Research Institute at Peechi, under a Director in the rank of Superintending Engineer.
Head Quarters of the Chief Engineer (I&D) is at Thiruvananthapuram.
Investigation wing is a multidisciplinary unit which includes a Technical wing, Agricultural wing, Planning wing and Statistics wing. Under the Technical wing there are 3 SEs.

1. The SE
Investigation Circle , Thrissur
2. The SE
Investigation Circle , Kozhikode
3. The SE
Field Studies Circle , Thrissur

Under the Technical wing, a small unit under the control of an EE is functioning at Thiruvananthapuram.
The Agricultural wing is functioning under the control of an Additional Director and the Planning and Statistics wings are under the control of 2 Joint Directors. Thiruvananthapuram is the Head Quarters of all these units.

Office Address

Telephone No

Fax No

1.   The Chief Engineer, (I&D)
I D R B,
Vikas Bhavan, Floor No. 3,


E-mail :
Website :

2.   The Director (Designs) O/o the Chief Engineer,I R D B,
Vikas Bhavan,Floor No.3,



3.   The Director (Research)
Kerala Engineering Research
Institute, Peechi,  Thrissur



4.  The Superintending Engineer, Investigation & Planning Circle, Thrissur



5.  The Superintending Engineer, Investigation & Planning Circle, Kozhikode



6.  The Superintending Engineer,
Field Studies Circle
, Thrissur



5. Chief Engineer / Administrator (Command Area Development Authority of Kerala)

Deals with the Development work of Command Area of Completed Major & Medium Irrigation projects. Presently developmental works are being carried out by CADA in the command area of the following projects.
I. Malampuzha Irrigation Project
II. Pothundy "
III. Mangala "
IV. Gayathri "
V. Walayar "
VI. Peechi "
VII. Vazhani "
VIII. Chalkkudy "
IX. Cheerakkuzhi"
X. Neyyar "
XI. Chiturpuzha "
XII. Periyar Valley"
XIII. Pamba "
XIV. Kuttiyadi "
XV. Kanhirapuzha "
XVI. Pazhassi "

The Head Quarters of the Administrator, CADA is in Thrissur.
Office Address
The Chief Engineer/ Administrator CADA, Thrissur
Telephone No 0487-332343
Fax No 0487-332343

6. Chief Engineer (Mechanical)

Deals with the Mechanical work relating to Irrigation Department, public Works Department and other Government Departments. Mechanical works relating to PWD & Irrigation Department are being dealt with respective Superintending Engineers, the office of whom are functioning in the Office Chief Engineer (Mechanical) itself.

Head Quarters of the Chief Engineer (Mechanical) is at Thiruvananthapuram.
Office Address
The Chief Engineers (Mechanical), Public office Building , Thiruvananthapuram
Telephone No 0471-324589
Fax No 0471-324589


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