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1.       What is the minimum and maximum age limit for securing Registration?

Those who seek registration should have completed 14 years of age. Maximum age limit has not been prescribed.

2.       Can a person seek registration in any Employment Exchange      in the State?

No. A candidate can register his name only in the Employment Exchange, under the jurisdiction of which he normally resides.

2a.     Is dual registration permissible?

No. Dual registration should be looked upon as a penal offence. The punishment will amount to forfeiture of registration.  But a person possessing Professional and Executive qualifications can register his/her name in the Professional and Executive Employment Office, Trivandrum or the Regional Professional and Executive Employment Exchanges at Ernakulam and Kozhikkode and retain their registration in the local exchanges.  However the registration, at the local exchange would be treated as secondary only for considering them against vacancies of lower qualification.

3.       Which are the documents to be produced at the time of      Registration?

a)      Certificate to prove the place of residence: S.S.L.C Book/          Nativity Certificate/Identity card issued by the Election         Commission/Passport/ Driving License/Telephone Bill/Electricity Bill/    Certificate issued by the   Superintendent of Sree chithra           Home/Mahila Mandiram/similar institutions to prove that the      candidate is an inmate of that institution, deed documents/        Certificate of revenue authorities to prove that candidate/ candidate’s   spouse/ parents has immovable property within the jurisdiction of the Employment Exchange concerned. Application of the parent of the        candidate duly countersigned by his employer, if parent is working in          state government/state quasi government/local body office. If the father/mother of the candidate has become a pensioner from a public undertaking and not passed one year and come to a new place for        permanent settling, an application submitted along with the extract     of relevant papers of the pension book also will be accepted as the           proof of residence.

b)      Certificate to prove Age.

c)       Certificate to prove the caste if they belong to reservation communities.

d)      Certificates and Mark list to prove Educational qualification and or experience.

The original certificate should be produced at the time of  Registration.

4.       What is the mode of activity of the Professional and Executive    Employment Exchanges and where are they situated?

The Professional and Executive Employment Exchanges are exclusively for registering the man power at the Professional and Executive levels. Persons possessing such qualifications can directly register their names in these Exchanges.

Name of Employment Exchange.                          Jurisdiction (Districts)


          (a)  Professional and  Executive                 Thiruvananthapuram

               Employment Exchange,                        Kollam, Alappuzha                   Thiruvananthapuram.                                 and Pathanamthitta.

           (b) Regional Professional and                   Ernakulam, Kottayam,

                Executive Employment-                      Idukki and Thrissur.

                Exchange, Ernakulam.

         ©   Regional Professional and                   Kozhikode, Wayanad,  

               Executive Employment-                      Palakkad, Malappuram,

              Exchange,Kozhikode.                          Kannur and Kasargod.

5.       Is there any fee for Registration?

No fee is levied for registration.  The job seekers are provided with a printed form from the Employment Exchange free of cost. All the services rendered are free.  The job seekers are given identity cards after registration.

6.       What is the procedure for Renewal of Registration?

The registration is valid for a period of 3 years. The registrants are to renew their registration in the renewal month of the 3rd year of registration to save it from being cancelled.  However they are normally given a grace period of 2 months, The Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe candidates are given a grace period of one year.  The Physically Handicapped candidates shall be intimated of the date on which the registration lapses.

The candidates may appear in person or by messenger at the Employment Exchange with the identity card for the renewal of registration.  The candidates can renew the registration by post as well.   For this they should send reply paid post card incorporating the details of registration in the card.  They should not however send their original registration card by post.  The registrants of Professional and Executive Employment Exchange, Thiruvananthapuram, Ernakulam and Kozhikkode can renew their registration through internet in the website address

7.       Can the registration be transferred if and when the   candidate   changes his residence?

Yes.  The Employment officer is empowered to verify and effect the transfer.  The candidate should submit a request specifying the reason for transfer along with the identity card and proof of the change of residence (see faq 3 above) to the Employment officer of the exchange where he registered his name, if the transfer is with in the state.  If the request is for transfer outside Kerala only an application is sufficient along with the surrender of registration identity card.

8.       Which are the types of vacancies usually filled through        Employment Exchanges?

Vacancies of Provisional nature in Government/ Quasi Government institutions are usually filled through Employment Exchanges.

Permanent vacancies of Government/Quasi/government institutions which do not come within the purview of Public Service commission are also filled through Employment Exchanges.

Private Employers if so desire can make use of the list of job seekers available with the Employment Exchanges to fill the vacancies in their firms.

9.       Are there any categories that are given preferences in       employment from among the registered job seekers?

Registrants of Employment Exchanges are being considered for selection observing communal rotation roster. All the nominations given by the Employment Exchanges observe communal reservation.

The candidates are divided in to Priority and Non Priority groups.50% of the vacancies are reserved for Priority candidates.

Priority group is as follows:

1)      Those who served the Central / State Government/Quasi Government institutions for a period of not less   than 90 days and discharged of duties for no fault of their own provided the appointment was made through the Employment Exchanges.

2)      Ex-service Persons

3)      Physically handicapped with disabilities of 40% or above.

4)     Wives of deceased persons (Widows), legally divorced ladies, Inter caste married couples one partner of which should belong to Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe and their children.

5)      Wife of serving soldier possessing teachers training Certificate for teaching post.

6)      Inmates / Ex inmates of Abala Mandir, After Care Homes, Orphanages,  rescue homes run by Government or receiving grant from Government.

7)      Sports Person ( National/Inter National/ Inter University level.

8)      Repatriate of Sri Lanka / Burma.

11.     What is the procedure to add Discharge Certificate?

A person relieved from a job should produce a Discharge Certificate in proper format within 90 days, from the date of discharge.  Delay beyond 90 days in the production of this Certificate will forfeit the candidate’s seniority.

12.     What is the Procedure for adding additional qualifications?

A candidate can have his additional qualification incorporated in his existing registration, producing the original Certificate at the Employment Exchange concerned at any time without loosing the original seniority of his/her previously registered qualification.

13.     What is the procedure of Re-Registration?

If the registration of a candidate is lapsed for want of timely renewal he/she can re-register for further employment assistance, forfeiting his old seniority.  For re-registration a candidate should surrender his/her old Employment Identity card and he/she will be allotted a new identity card with seniority from the date of re-registration.

14      What is the Procedure for selection against vacancies in     Employment Exchanges?

The Employment Exchange (Compulsory Notification of Vacancies) Act 1959 stipulates that all Act Establishments should compulsorily notify vacancies to Employment Exchanges.  By considering the seniority of Registration, Age, Qualifications, Community and other existing provisions, ‘selection and submission action’ will be taken against notified vacancies.  Seniority lists maintained in the Employment Exchanges are made use of for making selection of candidates. Like Kerala Public Service Commission, Employment department also follows Communal Rotation Roster (CRR) system for placement activities.

15.     What are the major Vocational Guidance activities of the    Department?

A Vocational Guidance Unit is functioning in each District Employment Exchange for collection and dissemination of occupational information. They give proper guidance to students and job seekers.

University Employment Information and Guidance Bureaus have been set up at University level, to impart career guidance and occupational information to the candidates.  Collection and dissemination of occupational information on job opportunities, educational training facilities, job training facilities, scholarship and fellowship are major functions of University Employment Information and guidance Bureau.

In order to increase the employability of the Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe candidates, and to equip them to attend competitive examinations conducted by various recruitment agencies, coaching classes are conducted in Coaching Cum Guidance Centre (C.G.C) for Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe  functioning at Ernakulam and Kozhikkode.

16.     Is there any Statistical Return provided by the Department?

The Department collects information about the number of jobseekers registered with the Employment Exchanges, number of Employees in the Public Sector and Private Sector establishments, details of vacancies occurred, notified, filled etc. and consolidate these data and publish statistics in specific intervals.  The Governmental agencies and Non Governmental agencies make use of these statistics for various purposes.

17. Is there any priority for registered unemployed women?

Wife of the deceased, legally divorced, inter caste married (one of the couple must be SC/ST), wife of Jawan possessing T.T.C/ B.Ed (for teaching Post) and deserted women are given priority while sponsoring candidates against vacancies.

18 .  Is there any services rendered to Physically Handicapped  registrants?

Special attention is provided to the welfare of physically handicapped candidates in the Employment Exchanges.  They are given concession in registration, renewal, placement etc.  They are given concession in the upper age limit ranging from 10 years to 15 years.  They are included in the priority group. One Physically Handicapped candidate is submitted additionally to the employer against each State Government vacancy notified in the Employment Exchanges. Three percentage (3%) of the total vacancies in class III and class IV filled through Kerala Public Service Commission is set apart for physically handicapped candidates to be filled through the Employment Exchanges in the ratio 1:1:1 among locomotor handicaps deaf and dumb and visually handicapped.  They are given certain concessions under the Unemployment Assistance Scheme and Self Employment Scheme.  Special Employment Exchanges are set up in certain Districts exclusively for the physically handicapped candidates and some placement cells are functioning in some selected Employment Exchanges for the welfare of the Physically Handicapped candidates.


19)    What type of persons are considered for concessions envisaged for the Physically Handicapped through Employment Exchanges?

Persons having the following disability with the percentage specified are considered for concessions set apart for the Physically Handicapped.

          1)   Loco-motor/ Orthopedic Handicaps          - Minimum 40%                   disability

          2) Speech and Hearing / Deaf and dumb Handicaps      - Minimum 40%             disability                                              

          3)  Visual Handicaps/Blind -                             - Minimum 40%                 disability

          4)  Mentally retarded disability                      - Minimum 40%          

          5)  Speech disability only                    - Minimum 50%                    

          6) Hearing disability only                              - Minimum 50%

20) Where can the Physically Handicapped certificate be obtained  from?

Persons having disability should approach any one of the District Medical Board, Medical Board at Medical Colleges and Taluk Medical Boards as the case may be.  They will examine and issue Physically Handicapped Certificate.

21) How can a Physically Handicapped registrant get Special  Employment  Assistance?

Special Employment Exchange for Physically Handicapped, Special cells for Physically Handicapped or other Local Employment Exchanges can be approached for the purpose of special employment assistance.

22) Are physically handicapped candidates eligible for any age relaxation?

Yes. Physically Handicapped candidates are eligible for age relaxation as follows,

For Central Government vacancies the physically handicapped are exclusively eligible for an age relaxation of 10 years in their upper age limit. But against State government /State Government (Quasi) vacancies age relaxation allowed is as follows.

Loco motor / Orthopedically disabled                     10 Years.

Speech and Hearing/Speech /Hearing Disabled       15 Years

Visually disabled                                                    15 Years

Mentally retarded                                                  10 Years

In addition to this they can enjoy the usual age relaxation allowed to SC/ST/OBC/Ex-Service etc,

However the maximum age for considering against State Government/State Government (Quasi) vacancies is 50 years.

23)   Is there any classification of jobs with respect to the suitability of nature of work?

Some vacancies are not suitable for physically handicapped

eg:  a) those requiring good physique

b) Visually handicapped persons for clerical work

24)    Would you please disclose the orders as per which the provisional physically Handicapped employees are regularised in Government Service?

Physically Handicapped ex-employees temporarily recruited through Employment Exchanges to various state government vacancies have been given reappointment and have been regularized from time to time. These periods are as follows.

1)1981 (SAARC international year of the disabled).
Vide circular 53282/SDI/8 dated 2-6-82.
G.O.(P)No.147/84/GAD dated 11/5/84.

2)1.1.97-31.12.97   (Golden jubilee year of Independence) 
Vide G.O.(P) No.32/98/P&ARD dated 28-9-98
3)1.1.98-14.8.98   (Golden Jubilee Year of Independence)

Vide G.O. (P) NO.10/99/P&ARD dated17-5-99.

25) What are the criteria for getting unemployment allowance for         physically handicapped registrants?

The criteria for unemployment allowance to physically handicapped registrants are

1)      Age-20-35

2)   Two years continuous registration seniority after attaining the age of 18.

3)      S.S.L.C. (Should appear for S.S.L.C Examination through proper   schooling)

4)    Annual family income should not exceed Rs.12, 000/-

5)    Monthly personal income should not exceed Rs.100/-

27)   Would you please explain the criteria for eligibility to apply for Self Employment Scheme to physically handicapped registrants?

The criteria are as follows

1) Age 21-45.

2) Employment registration.

3) Literacy

4) Annual family income should not exceed Rs.24,000/-

5) Monthly personal income should be below Rs.500/

28)    Is there any Steps taken to enhance employability, employment scope and employment rate of Physically Handicapped registrants?

To enhance the employability of physically handicapped they are given,

Educational guidance,

Vocational guidance,

Coaching classes for competitive examinations,

Seminars etc

One day coaching cum guidance classes are given to those physically handicapped registrants nominated by Employment Exchanges every month. To enhance the employment scope of physically handicapped, prospective employers are contacted and special appeal is made to employ physically handicapped persons. 


29) Who all should notify vacancies to Employment Exchanges?

a)  All establishments in public sector

b) All establishments in the private sector where 25 or  more persons are employed to work for remuneration.

(Section 2 EE CNV Act ).

30)  Who all should render Employment returns to Employment Exchanges?

a)  All establishments in the public sector and

b) All establishments in the private sector where 25 or more persons employed for work for remuneration are to render quarterly employment returns (ER-I) and biennial occupational returns (ER-II) in the prescribed forms.

 However all private establishments where 10- 24 persons are employed for work for remuneration may render the ER.II returns.

(Section 5EE CNV Act ).

31) What are the exemptions under the EE (CNV) Act?

The Act does not apply in relation to vacancies in any employment in agriculture (including horticulture) in any establishments in private other than employment as agricultural or farm machine operatives

b) In any employment in domestic sector.

c) In any employment the total, duration of which is less than 3 months.

d) In any employment to do unskilled office work.

e) In any employment connected with staff of parliament.

The act does not apply to

a) Vacancies proposed to be filled up through promotion or by absorption of regular staff or vacancies dealt by U.P.S.C, K.P.S.C. Etc.

b) Vacancies in any employment which carries a remuneration of less than 60 rupees per month.

(Section 3 EE CNV Act).

32) What are the penalties for EE (CNV) Act violation?

The fresh offence is punishable with fine up to Rs.500/- and for every subsequent offence with fine up to Rs 1000/.


33)    What type of vacancies are being dealt with at the Employment  Directorate level?

The following types of vacancies are being dealt with at this Directorate.

a)      Vacancies reported by employers out side Kerala.

b)      When the number of vacancies reported exceeds 50.

c)       When it is difficult to obtain qualified candidates.

d)      Where the place of work is scattered over different  districts and the number of vacancies in each district is not known.

34)    What is the procedure for booking the vacancy at the Directorate?

The vacancies of the above nature reported in this Directorate are booked after obtaining Communal Rotation details from the District Employment Officer, Thiruvananthapuram. The details of the vacancies are circulated to all Employment Exchanges in the State to obtain list of suitable candidates.  The list received from the Employment Exchanges are consolidated at the Directorate and forwarded to the employers concerned for selection and appointment.

35)    When is press publicity given? What is N.A.C.?

When there is shortage of suitable applicants in the Employment Exchanges, Press publicity will be issued for attracting qualified candidates.  If candidates could not be found even after resorting to press publicity necessary Non Availability Certificate will be issued to the employer for enabling them to fill up the vacancies from elsewhere.

36).   In addition to the above, what are the other functions?

Vacancies notified by various agencies like Air India, Boarder Security Force, Indo- Tibetan Police, Air Transport Service, Survey of India, Textile Commissioner Office etc are circulated to sub offices and consolidates the list of candidates and are forwarded to the employer.  Follow up action is taken in respect of selection done and details of appointment are collected and this information passed to all sub offices for further necessary action.


37)   What is unemployment Allowance scheme (UAS)?

The dole paid to the unemployees who are registered in the Employment Exchange in Kerala is called unemployment allowance.

38)      When did the UAS started?

The unemployment allowance schemes started in 1982 by the   Government of Kerala vide G.O (P) No. 40/82/LBR dated 12.11.1982.

39)       By which department is the UAS implemented?

The UAS is being implemented through the department of National       Employment Service (Kerala).

40)   What is the age limit for applying UAS?

For applying for UAS the candidate should have attained 18 years of age and a seniority of 3 years registration after completing 18 years. The upper age limit is 35 years.

41)    What is the educational qualification for applying UAS?

The educational qualification for general categories is SSLC pass.

42)  What is the annual family income limit for applying UAS?

The annual family income limit for applying unemployment allowance scheme is fixed to as RS.12, 000/-

43)  What is the Employment registration seniority for applying  UAS?  

An applicant should have three years of continuous employment    registration    seniority after attaining the age of 18 years.

44)  What is the educational qualification for SC/ST?

In the case of Scheduled caste/Scheduled Tribe candidates, if they have not passed SSLC examination they should at least attend the SSLC examination after regular schooling to apply for UAS.

45)  Are students eligible for applying in this scheme?

No, Students are not eligible for applying in this scheme.

46)  Is there any concession in qualification for physically  handicapped candidates?

Physically handicapped candidates should have attended S.S.L.C examination after regular schooling and should have continuous registration seniority for 2 years after attaining 18 years of age.

47)    What is the personal monthly income limit for applying unemployment allowance Scheme?

The personal monthly income of the applicant should not, be above Rs.100/- per month.

48)    When and where candidates can submit unemployment scheme allowance application?

An eligible candidate can submit unemployment allowance application in the prescribed for at any time to the concerned local body .

49) What is the monthly rate of unemployment allowance?

The present monthly rate of unemployment allowance is Rs.120/- per month. But it is variable according to the decision of the Government of Kerala.

50)   Who is the authority to disburse the unemployment allowance?

The Local Bodies are authorised to disburse unemployment Allowance.

51)  Who is the appellate authority?

The applicant should submit their appeal within 60 days of the receipt of the rejection memo from the Local Bodies to the District Collector concerned.

52)   Who is the controlling authority of unemployment Allowance Scheme?

The Director of Employment is the controlling authority of Unemployment Allowance Scheme.


53)    How, old seniority of lapsed registration is restored by the Director of Employment?

A candidate who has lost seniority of registration for want of timely renewal, due to the following reasons, can restore his seniority by applying to the Director of Employment.

a)      Illness, delivery, miscarriage a Medical Certificate from an “A” Class Medical practitioner stating that the candidate was not in a position to appear before the Employment Exchange for renewal should be produced.

b)       Illness of close relatives: candidate’s father/mother/ husband / wife / son / daughter / sister and brothers, being hospitalised in a Government hospital a medical certificate from the government physician should be produced.

This benefit (a & b) is allowed only if the treatment occurred either in the month of renewal or in between the grace period of 2 months or 2 months before the months due for renewal provided they apply before one year after completing treatment.

c)       Other cases such as :  

a.       Arrest under preventive detention laws.

b.       Natural calamities like earth quake, flood etc.

c.       Armed conflict with a foreign country.

d.       Severe internal disturbances necessitating  imposition of curfew etc.

Candidates should produce an affidavit from the Tahsildar   concerned stating the reason thereof for restoring seniority.

All such relaxation are restricted to the job seekers whose registration lapsed after July 93.

Note:- :       The candidates who have got restored their old seniority on the above reasons are  no way eligible for Unemployment Allowance for the above period.


54)    What is ‘KESRU-99’?

‘Kerala State Self Employment Scheme for the Registered Unemployed-1999’is called KESRU-99. It is a self Employment Scheme launched by the Kerala Government.

55)    What is the educational qualification for applying under       KESRU?

All literates who are registered in any of the employment exchanges in Kerala are eligible.

56)    What is the age limit prescribed?

Candidates within the age group of 21 to 40 years are eligible to apply under KESRU.  Relaxation of 5 years in the upper age limit is allowed to SC/ST/PH candidates (Those who are above 25 years and those who are in receipt of Unemployment Allowance are given Priority).

57)    What is the annual family income limit?

Annual family income limit of the applicant should not be above Rs.24, 000/-(Rupees Twenty four thousand only).

58)    What is the individual monthly income limit?

Monthly individual income of the applicant should be below Rs.500/-(Rupees Five hundred only).

59)    How much of the amount will be granted as loan under KESRU?

An amount up to Rs.1, 00, 000/-(Rupees one lakh only) will be given   as loan. 

60)    Are the students eligible for applying under KESRU?

No. Students are not eligible for applying under KESRU.

61)    Is there any subsidy in this scheme?

Yes. 20% of the loan amount is given as subsidy by the Government.

62)    Which are the financial institutions arranging loans?

The Nationalised/Scheduled Banks, State/District Co-operative Banks, Kerala State Financial Enterprises and other Public financial institutions/Corporations functioning in the area of jurisdiction of each Employment Exchange in Kerala are the financial institutions providing loans to the KESRU applicants.

63)    When and where do the candidates apply?

Every year the Director of Employment invites applications from eligible candidates.  They can submit applications in the prescribed form to the Employment Exchange where the candidate is registered. On preliminary verification in the Employment Exchange the applications are forwarded to the District Employment Exchange concerned. The District Employment Officer places all these applications to the District level committee headed by the District Panchayath President for sanction. All the sanctioned applications are forwarded to the financial institutions for sanctioning loans. After sanctioning loans the financial institutions intimate the details to the District Employment Officer and the District Employment Officer will sanction subsidy amount.





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