Personnel And Administrative Reforms Department
Sections in the dept.
Sections & Subjects
Orders & Circulars
KCS(CC&A): Rules for disciplinary Action


Main Functions

            Advice on service matters, application and interpretation of the rules and orders relating to the service matters - Amendment of KGSC Rules, KCS and CCA Rules - KPSC (Addl functions in respects of certain corporation and companies) Act - Recognition of qualifications - advice regarding compassionate Employment - Framing of special rules and their amendment - compilation and review of delegation of powers- General orders regarding employment under compassionate ground, prescription of Tests, appointment of Ex-Servicemen - correction of date of birth etc - processing of the reports of Kerala Administrative Reforms Committee - Review of Monthly Business Statements of P&ARD- Secretariat departments and heads of departments - Training within India, Nomination for Foreign Training / Assignments/conference/ seminar/ workshop etc - Convening of Monthly conference of Chief Secretary with the Secretaries - Inspection of Secretariat Departments - Enlistment of departments / Offices for work study, conducting work study and preparation of work study reports.

Officers And Telephone Numbers

Principal Secretary
Room No. 201,
Third Floor,
Secretariat, Annexe,
Special Officer (OL)Room No. 390,Secretariat, Main Block
Additional Secretary,
Room No. 604 - A,
6th Floor,
Secretariat, Annexe.
Additional Secretary,
6th Floor, Secretariat, Annexe.
Additional Secretary,Room No. 303- B, Third Floor, Secretariat, Annexe.
Joint Secretary
Room No. 304 - B,
3rd Floor Secretariat, Annexe.
Joint Secretary 3rd Floor Secretariat, Annexe
Deputy Secretary,
Room No. 304 -A, 3rd Floor Secretariat, Annexe.
Deputy Secretary
Third Floor, Secretariat, Annexe
Under Secretary,
(Workstudy I, VII to X),
Third Floor, Secretariat,
Under Secretary (Inspection), 3rd Floor, Secretariat, Annexe  
Language Expert,
Third Floor, Secretariat, Annexe

Sections in the Department (Third floor secretariat )

Advice A & B, Rules
Advice C, Inspection
E, E, & PS
Inspection I & II
Workstudy I to X
Official Language
Office Section

Sections & Subjects in P&ARD (Distribution of work )

Personnel And Administrative Reforms (ADVICE.A) Department

1. Animal Husbandry Service.
2. Dairy Development Service.
3. Fire Service
4. Governor's Secretariat and Household Service.
5. Harijan welfare Service
6. Hindhu Religious and Charitable Endowment Service.
7. Jail Service.
8. Local Fund Service.
9. Labour Service.
10 Police Service.
11. Public Relations Service.
12. Public Service Commission (Members & Office)
13. Secretariat Service.
14. Survey and Land Records Service.
15. Factories & Boilers
16. State Insurance Service.
17. Soldiers Sailors and Airmen's Board and Co-operative Societies.
18. General Advice on the K.C.S (CC & A) Rules.
19. General Advice on the Kerala Public Service Commission (Consultation) Regulations.
20 General Advice on the Kerala State and Subordinate Service Rules
21. General Advice on the Kerala Govt. Servants Conduct Rules.
22. Service Matters Relating to Govt. owned companies and Corporations.
23. Service Matters relating to the Kerala State Rural Development Board. Kerala State Urban Development Board. etc.
1. Agricultural  income tax and sales-tax service.
2. Civil Service (Executive)
3. Excise Service
4. General Service
5. Motor Vehicles Department
6. Revenue Service
7. Treasury Service
8. Weights & Measures
9. Civil Supplies Service
10. Last Grade Service
11. Judicial Service
12. Agricultural Service
13. Port Service
14. Geology Service
15. Industries Service
16. Community Development Service
17. Transport Service
18. Lotteries
19. Science & Technology
1. Health Education Service
2. Kerala State Electricity Board Papers
3. Municipal Service
4. National Employment Service & Department of Training
5. Public Health Service & Medical Colleges
6. Drugs Control service
7. Ayurveda College
8. Registration Service
9. Statistic Service
10. Tourist Department
11. Fisheries Service
12. Panchayat Service
13. Service Matters relating to the State Road Transport Corporation
14. Forest Service

Personnel and Administrative Reforms (Advice. B) Department
Stationary Service (Ministerial Posts Only)
Advice.B1 .Seat
Advice on service matters relating to ministerial subordinate service including Test rules and Graduate Non - Graduate ratio
Advice.B2 .Seat
1.  Advice on service matters relating to educate service including Technical a education and Collegiate education.
1.  Advice on service matters relating to educate service including Technical a education and Collegiate education.
2. Archaeology Service
3. Government Press Service
4. Museums & Zoos Service
5. Archives Service
6. Kerala Grandhasala Sanghom

Personnel and administrative Reforms (Advance. C) Department

1. Provisional appointment (General)
2. Recruitment rules a principles (General)
3. KPSC (addl) Functions as respects to certain corporations and companies Act. 1970 & Rules
4. Incentive words
5. Kerala Government Servant's Application for posts (private employment rule)
1. K.G.S.C. Rules 1960.
2. Petition for employment.
3. K.C.S. (CC&A) rules, 19600.
4. Recognition of service associations.
5. Rules under Compassionate employment Scheme.
6. Prescription of Tests (General).
7. Preparation and Maintenance of CRS.
1. Reservation in public services.
2. K.C.R and D.P.T. Rules.
3. Department of Dismissed Persons.
4. Papers relating in the appointment ex -servicemen to public service.
5. Papers relating General Orders of Intercaste Marriage.
6. General Orders relating to correcting date of birth.
7. General orders relating Test exemption of the SC/ ST employees in service.
8. Miscellaneous papers of the C- Section

Personnel and Administrative reforms (Rules) Department
Rules.1 Seat.
1. Departmental promotion committee.
2. Framing of Special Rules for the various State and Subordinate Services under the Kerala Public Services Act, 1968.
3. Kerala Public Service Commission (Consultation) regulations, 1957
4. Kerala State and Subordianate Services rules, 1958
Rules. 2 Seat
1. Fixation and qualification for posts (General)
2. Manual of office procedure for use in offices other than the secretariat.
3. Kerala secretariat office manual
4. Special Rules for the last grade employees and part-time contingent employees
5. Attenders (General)
6. Petition Rules
7. Reprinting of Kerala Service Manual Vol. I and Vol. II
Rules. 3 Seat
1. Advice on the appointment of the dependent of Govt. Servants under Compassionate Employment Scheme.
2. Advice on Part - time and contingent service.
3. Miscellaneous papers of the section

Personnel and Administrative Reforms (D) Department

D1 Seat Deputation of officers for training within India conducted by various LC Institutions.
General papers of training programmes.
Papers relating to I.M.G
Papers relating to staff cars

D2 Seat

House keeping of P & A.R. Department. Delegation of powers. Career Management. Advice on matters relating to office procedure. Papers relating to improvements at 'outting edge' level of Administration. Introduction of modern office. equipments in Government offices. Papers of administrative Reforms not specifically allotted to any other section. Review of the Reports of mass contact programme conducted by district collectors. Review of monthly business statement of P & A.R. Department. Review of half yearly inspections of secretariat  sections by under secretaries and deputy secretaries. Review of the report on surprise inspection conducted in offices of Heads of department Review of reports of surprise inspection in secretariat sections conducted by under secretaries/deputy secretaries. Convening of staff conferences of P & ARD and follow up action.Paper jumping level and desk officer system consolidation work of the department. Miscellaneous papers of the section. Rules revision committee report and revision of Kerala secretariat office manual. Consolidation of monthly statement of important orders. Consolidation of monthly  report on socio economic development pending with Government of India. Monthly digest of important government orders. Kerala Administrative service and civil service. Annual Report

Personnel and Administrative Reforms (E) Department
E1 Seat Papers on all Training Programme outside India.
  papers on united Nations Volunteer Programmes.
E2 Seat Papers relating to registration in the Foreign Assignment Panels. Performance Appraisal forms and C.R. Forms Monthly conference of Chief Secretary with the secretaries to Government.
Monthly conference of uppercase'>chief Secretary with the members of Board of Revenue.
Review of uppercase'>monthly uppercase'>business Statement of the Departments of the Secretariat.
Review of uppercase'>monthly uppercase'>business uppercase'>statements of offices of the Heads of departments.
Miscellaneous papers of the uppercase'>section.
Personnel and Administrative Reforms (PS) Department
Parliament Section
  Work of P.S Compilation and Review of Delegation of powers and maintaining a library for the department.
Personnel and Administrative Reforms (INSPN I &II) Department
  This is the Inspection of Department of Secretariat Including Law & Finance
Personnel and Administrative Reforms (Works Study) Department
  This dept conducts  Works study

Orders and Circulars
Important orders and circulars issued by the Dept: 
  Malayalam Official Language-Official Language Awards- Decisions taken by the High Level Committee meeting held on 12-06-2003- Official Language Awards instituted - Orders issued. GO(P) No.29/2003/PARD dated 23.09.2003
  Redeployment exercise and Reporting of vacancies to P S C. Reg.
Circular No. 11o36/Adv.C3/2003/P&ARD
  Cir.No. 8144/Adv. C1/ 97/P&ARD.        Dated, 30.5.1997.
  Cir.No. 19305/Rules.1/ 96/P&ARD. Dated, 9.9.1997.(along with Cir.No.19305 Rules. /96/P&ARD. Dated, 15.12.1997.
  Cir.No.16142/E1/97/P&ARD. Dated, 25.11.1997.(along with Cir.No.17864/E1/98/P&ARD.        Dated, 1.10.99 (along with Cir.No.5440/E1/2001/P&ARD. Dated, 21.6.2001.(along with Cir.No.112037/E1/2001/P&ARD. Dated, 11.10.2001.(along with Cir. No.209/E1/2002/ P&ARD.    Dated, 15.3.2002.
  Cir.Memorandum No.19305/Rules.1/96/P&ARD  Dated, 16.6.1998.
  G.O (P) 38/98/P&ARD. (E) Dated,  29.12.1998.
  Cir.No.13309/Ad.C2/99/P&ARD. Dated, 28.8.1998.
  G.O (P) 2/99/P&ARD.  Dated, 21.1.1999.
  Cir.No.1634/Adv.C3/99/P&ARD.  Dated, 18.2.1999.
  Cir.No.852/Adv.C3/2001/P&ARD.  Dated, 12.2.2001.
  G.O (Ms)6/99/P&ARD.   (Advice. C)  Dated, 23.2.1999.
  G.O (P)10/99/P&ARD.  Dated, 17.5.1999.
  G.O (P)12/99/P&ARD. Dated, 24.5.1999.  
  Cir.No.5328/Rules.1/99/P&ARD. Dated, 3.6.1999. 
  Cir.No.4831/Rules.1/99/P&ARD. Dated, 1.1.1999.
  Cir.No.1612/Rules.1/99/P&ARD.Dated, 11.10.1999.
  G.O (P)18/99/P&ARD. (Advice.C) Dated, 13.10.1999.
  G.O (Ms)30/99/P&ARD. (D)  Dated, 21.12.1999.
  G.O (Ms)26/99/P&ARD.  (D)  Dated, 14.12.1999. 
  G.O (Ms)28/99/P&ARD.  (D)    Dated, 17.12.1999. 
  G.O (Ms)2/2000/P&ARD .(D)  Dated, 2.2.2000.
  G.O (Ms)27/99/P&ARD.(D)  Dated, 17.12.1999.
  G.O (Ms)20/2000/P&ARD.(D)  Dated, 21.8.2000.
  G.O (P)4/2000/P&ARD.  (Advice.C)  Dated, 5.2.2000.
  G.O (Ms)7/2000/P&ARD. (Advice.C)  Dated, 10.3.2000.
  G.O (Ms)8/2000/P&ARD.  (Rules) Dated, 10.3.2000.
  G.O (P)13/2000/P&ARD. (D) Dated, 27.4.2000. (along with G.O (P)4/2002/P&ARD. (D) Dated, 29.1.2002.   G.O (P) 6/2002/P&ARD. (D)  Dated, .2.2002. G.O (P)11/90/P&ARD.  Dated, 5.5.1990.  G.O (P) 17/90/P&ARD   Dated, 25.5.1990.
  G.O (Ms)15/2000/P&ARD.  (D) Dated, 20.5.2000.
  Cir.No.6282/Rules.1/99/P&ARD. Dated, 12.6.2000. 
  Cir.No.5966/Adv.C3/2000/ P&ARD. Dated, 28.6.2000.
  Cir.No.10396/Adv.C2//2000/P&ARD.  Dated, 18.7.2000.
  G.O (P)19/2000/P&ARD.  (Rules)  Dated, 21.8.2000.
  G.O (P)4/2001/P&ARD.   (Adv.C)    Dated, 17.5.2001.
  G.O (Ms)5/2002/P&ARD.    (Adv.C)  Dated, 18.5.2001.
  G.O (P)14/2001/P&ARD.   (Adv.C)  Dated, 20.9.2001.(Along with G.O(P)2/2002/P&ARD    Dated, 23.1.2002.
  G.O (P)15/2001/P&ARD. (Adv.C)   Dated, 5.10.2001.
  G.O (P)17/2001/P&ARD.  (Rules) Dated, 5.11.2001.
  Cir.No.12777/Adv.C3/2001/P&ARD.   Dated, 7.11.2001.
  Cir.No.17158/Adv.C3/2001/P&ARD.  Dated, 7.1.2002.
  G.O (P)5/2002/P&ARD.   (Rules)   Dated, 31.1.2002.
  Cir.No.10553/Adv.C2/2001/P&ARD.   Dated, 29.4.2002.
  Cir.No.518/Adv.C2/2002/P&ARD.  Dated, 20.3.2002.
  No.1493/Adv.C2/2002/P&ARD.   Dated, 2.4.2002.
  Notification.G.O(P)1/2002/P&ARD.   Dated, 21.1.2002.
  Cir.No.13330/Adv.C2/2001/P&ARD.  Dated, 22.1.2002.
Personnel & Administrative Reforms (Advice-C) Department-Public Services-Extension of Joining Time-Candidates undergoing Ph.D programme- Clarification-issued.
Personnel & Administrative Reforms (AR-14)Department-Foreign Programme of Training/Fellowship/Assistanceship/Awards for Higher Studies/Research and Study Tour/Conference/Seminars/Workshops-Sponsoring of Government Officials and Officials of Public Sector Undertakings/Statutory/Autonomous Bodies and Institutions set up under the Kerala State Council for Science Technology and Environment-Procedure to be followed-Modified Instructions issued-Reg.
Personnel & Administrative Reforms (Rules) Department-Public Services-Departmental Promotion Committee-Rule 28 (b) (i) of Part II, Kerala State and Subordinate Services Rules-Observance of the procedure-Further instructions-issued.
Personnel & Administrative Reforms Department-Nomination of Employees for PG Diploma in Management being conducted by the NIFM, Faridabad-Orders issued
P&AR(C)D-Appointment according to the Dying Harness Employment Scheme-Renewal of criteria-Approved-Orders Issued
P&ARD-Government of Kerala, hereby make the following rules further to amend the Kerala State and Subordinate Services Rules, 1958.
P&ARD-Government of Kerala here by make the following rules further to amend the Kerala State and Subordinate Services Rules, 1958.
P&ARD-Public Services-Departmental Promotion Committee-Rule 28 (b) (i) of Part II, Kerala State and Subordinate Services Rules-observance of the procedure-Further instructions-issued.
P&ARD-Official Language Department-About changing the websites of various Government Departments from English to Malayalam.
P&ARD-Government of Kerala hereby make the following rules further to amend the Kerala State and Subordinate Services Rules, 1958.
P&ARD-General Guidelines-Modified-Orders Issued.
P&ARD-Reforms Department-Transfer and posting of Government Employees-General norms/guidelines-Orders Issued.
Personnel & Administrative Reforms(Rules) Department-Public Services-Departmental Promotion Committee-Rule 28(b) (i) of Part II, Kerala State & Subordinate Services Rules-Observance of the procedure-Instructions-Issued.
P&ARD-Amendment of List I and List II of part I, Kerala State and Subordinate Services Rules-reg.
Personnel and Administrative Reforms (Rules) Department-Amendment to rule 28 (b)(i)(4)(c) of part II, Kerala State & Subordinate Services Rules.
P&ARD-Public Services-Examination conducted by the Kerala Public Service Commission for recruitment-Providing of Xerox copy of the OMR answer script to candidates on request-Procedure prescribed-Orders issued.
P&ARD-About State Level Official Language Awards.
P&ARD-Public Service-Administrative Reforms-Eighth Report of the Kerala Administrative Reforms Committee-Approved-Orders Issued.
P&ARD-Public Service-Second Report on the Kerala Administrative Reforms Committee on Attendance Monitoring System Approved-Orders Issued.
P&ARD-Administrative Reforms-Third Report of the Kerala Administrative Reforms Committee-Recommendations Approved-Orders Issued-Erratum.
P&ARD-Public Services-Kerala Administrative Reforms Committee-Sixth Report on Salary and Other Entitlements of Gazetted Officers-Simplification of Procedure-Recommendations Accepted-Orders Issued.
P&ARD-Public Service-Administrative Reforms-Eight Report of the Kerala Adminstrative Reforms Committee-Approved-Orders Issued.
P&ARD-Public Service-Administrative Reforms-Tenth Report of the Kerala Adminstrative Reforms Committee on Execution of Public Works -Approved-Orders Issued.
P&ARD-Public Service-Administrative Reforms-Eleventh Report of the Kerala Adminstrative Reforms Committee -Approved-Orders Issued.
P&ARD-Public Services-Twelfth Report of the Kerala Adminstrative Reforms Committee on Health Service Delivery-Approved-Orders Issued.
P&ARD-Public Service-Adminstrative Reforms-Thirteenth Report of the Kerala Adminstrative Committee on Decentralisation Intiatives in Kerala-Institutionalisation Issues-Approved-Orders Issued.
P&ARD-Kerala Administrative Reforms Committee-Fourth Report of the Committee on Personnel Reforms-Part 1-Recommendations Accepted-Orders Issued.
P&ARD-Administrative Reforms-Third Report of the kerala Administrative Reforms Committee-Recommendations Approved-Orders Issued-Erratum.
P&ARD-Administrative Reforms-Third Report of the kerala Administrative Reforms Committee-Recommendations Approved-Orders Issued
G.O (P) No.1/2005/P&ARD, dated Thiruvananthapuram , 4th January 2005
G.O (P) No.12/04/P&ARD, dated Thiruvananthapuram, 10th September 2004
G.O (P) No.15/05/P&ARD dated, Thiruvananthapuram 5.5.2005
No. 7064/Adv.C2/2001/P&ARD. 
No. 10553/Adv.C2/2001/P&ARD.    
G.O. (P) NO. 24/99/P&ARD.   
G.O. (P) NO. 37/2002/P&ARD. 
G.O. (P) No. 11/2002/P&ARD.   
G.O. (P) No. 12/2002/P&ARD.  
G.O. (P) No. 13/2002/P&ARD.  
G.O. (P) No. 13/2002/P&ARD.     
G.O. (P) No. 28/2002/P&ARD.      
G.O. (P) No. 29/2002/P&ARD.      
G.O. (P) No. 30/2002/P&ARD.    
G.O. (P) No. 30/2002/P&ARD.    
1. G.O. (P) No. 17/91/P&ARD
G.O. (P) NO. 39/2002/P&ARD. 
G.O.(P) No. 226/2003/Fin. 




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