. The Organisation
Role of the Department
List and Addresses of District Offices with Telephone Nos.
Address of Important Authorities
Various Welfare Schemes/concessions to Ex-servicemen/war widow and their dependents
. Welfare and Rehabilitation Schemes
. Welfare Schemes for Ex-servicemen
. Facilities for Treatment of Ex-Servicemen for serious diseases in civil hospitals

Various Welfare Scheme/Concessions to Ex-Servicemen/War Widows and their Dependents

Financial Assistance from Chief Ministers Sainik Welfare Fund

The fund is constituted for the purpose of providing Financial Assistance to the Defence personnel/ dependents of defence personnel who are killed/ Missing/disabled in action etc.

Para Military personnel and GREF personnel are also eligible for the assistance from the fund provided the death is attributable to military service. Amount of assistance varies from 1 to 5 lakh subjected to conditions stipulated in the GOs and decided by the committee.

Ref: Government Orders

  • G O (P) No.450/99/GAD dated.29 June 1999.
  • GO (MS) No.434/01/GAD, dated 15 November 2001.
  • G O (MS) No.459/01/GAD dated 12 December 2001.

Monthly Financial Assistance to IInd World War Veterans

An amount of Rs.300 per month is being given to the 2nd World War Veterans served from 3rd September 1939 to 1st April 1946 whose annual income is below Rs.6, 000.


  • GO(P) No. 197/97/GAD dated 14-7-1997.
  • GO(P) No. 117/98/GAD dated 7-3-1998.
  • GO(P) No. 199/2000/GAD dated 22-3-2000.
  • GO(P) No. 631/2000/GAD dated 20-11-2000.

House Building Grant

House building grant of Rs.50,000/- is given to disabled and boarded out Ex-servicemen/Widows of Jawans killed in action and died in harness, whose annual income is below Rs.50,000.


  • GO (MS) No.89/99/Housing, dated 20-10-1999.

Ex-Gratia Grant

An immediate grant of Rs.15,000 is given to the dependents of Defence personnel killed/died in action and to those disabled, Rs.5000 to 15,000 depending upon the nature of disability. The benefit is also extended to the Central Para Military Personnel belonging to Kerala, and to the Personnel of Central Para Military Forces killed/disabled while serving in Kerala, who belongs to other states.


  • G O (MS) No.87/98/GAD dated 12-2-1998.
  • GO (MS) No.560/2000/GAD dated 2-10-2000.
  • GO (MS) No.315/2001/GAD dated 17-9-2001

Cash award, cash in lieu of land and annuity to the recipients of Gallantry decorations.

The Defence personnel belonging to Kerala are being given cash grant, cash in lieu of land and annuity under the eleven Gallantry Awards in the rate shown below:-

Name of Award

Cash award

Cash in lieu of land






Param Vir Chakra




Asoka Chakra




Sarvotham youth Seva Medal




Mahavir Chakra




Kirthi Chakra




Utham Yuth; Seve Medal




Vir Chakra




Shourya Chakra




Yudh Seva Medal




Sena Medal




Mention in Despatches





  • GO (MS) No.187/86/GAD dated 10-6-1986.
  • GO (MS) No.445/99/GAD dated 23-6-1999.
  • GO (MS) No.681/99/GAD dated 16-12-1999.

Cash Award to Para Military Personnel

 The scheme provides cash award to the Defence personnel belonging to Kerala who are recipients of Gallantry Decorations extended to the recipients of Gallantry Decorations who are working in Para Military Forces such as Assam Rifles, BSF, GREF and Territorial Army and who belong to State of Kerala.


  • GO (MS) No.372/79/GAD dated 6-7-1980. GAD(Political C) Department.

Grant of Cash Award to Recipient of Territorial Army Decorations/ Medals 

Territorial Army personnel who are recipients of TA decorations/ TA Medals will be given cash award as follows:-

  • Recipients of TA decorations for Officers Rs.3, 000/-

  • Recipients of TA Medals for Other Ranks Rs.2,000/- 

Merit Scholarships

Scholarships to the Bright Students among the wards of Ex-Servicemen from SSLC to Degree/ Diploma/ Post Graduate level. The Scholarships will be awarded to the students at the following rates:-

  • Standard 10 High School and Final Year
    in the
    Jr. Technical School- Rs.250 per annum-------------------

  • Plus Two (10+2) Course- Rs.500per annum-----------------
  • Degree Courses -Rs.500per annum------------------
  • Diploma/ Certificate Courses --Rs.500per annum---------------
  • Post Graduate Courses -Rs.500per annum-------------------

*Annual income of the parents should not exceed Rs.50, 000/- in all above cases.

Employment Assistance to Dependents of Defence Personnel killed/disabled/Missing in action.

Employment assistance in State Government service is provided to one dependent of Defence personnel and GREF/BSF personnel attached to military duty killed/Disabled/missing in action or died/killed/disabled in operational area/field area due to reasons attributable to military service in peace time conditions circumstances of which are identical activities during operational engagements.The dependents are eligible for employment assistance only if the deceased/missing/disabled personnel belongs to Kerala State by birth and domicile.


  • GO(P) No.119/02/GAD dated 29-04-02.

Registration of Ex-Servicemen

Each and every Ex-Servicemen is required to register his name with the Zila Sainik Board nearest to his place of domicile or where setting permanently.
Zila Sainik Board after completing registration, send a copy of the employment index card to the concerned Employment Exchange
Officers: Defence Officers are required to register with the Directorate of Employment, Director General Resettlement.
JCOs/OR are to register their names with the Zila Sainik Welfare Offices nearest to their place.
Ex-Recruits (Personnel medically boarded out during training) do not come under the category of Ex-servicemen, hence can not register their name.

Sponsoring and placement

The Zila Sainik Boards have sponsoring power like the Employment Exchange and they sponsor eligible Ex-servicemen against notified vacancies by the employees. The employers including both State & Central Government, Public Sector undertakings appoints suitable personnel after conducting written test/interview as the case may be.

Ex-servicemen are required to obtain Ex-servicemen Identity card from their respective Zila Sainik Boards. This is to facilitate establishing the identity of retired Defence personnel as Ex-Servicemen.

Equation of Service Trades (defence) with Civil Trades

All technical and professional qualification recognized by the Government of India should be recognized for the purpose of appointment to various posts in public services in the State other than teaching posts.

Employment Reservation

  • All posts in the Department of Sainik Welfare are exclusively reserved for Ex-Servicemen.

  • Civilian posts in the NCC Department are reserved for Ex-Servicemen.

  • 10% of Vacancies for the post of Livestock Inspectors in the Animal Husbandry Department through Direct Recruitment are reserved for the Ex-Servicemen personnel, their dependants and also to the dependants of serving personnel.

  • The post of Sergeants in Various Departments of the State are reserved for Ex-Servicemen.

  • 10% of the vacancies are reserved to wives and children of Jawans for appointment as female wardens, Hospital cleaners and Ayahs.

  • 10% of the vacancies to the post of Police Constable Drivers reserved to Ex-Servicemen (Conditions apply)

  • Concessions are granted to Ex-Servicemen by the PSC for the Recruitment to the post of Excise Inspector:

  • Relaxation of educational qualification from degree to SSLC

  • Relaxation of Physical standard for the post of Excise Inspector
  • Weightage is granted by the PSC to Ex-Servicemen candidates according to their length of Service, gallantry awards.

Priority for sponsoring through Employment Exchanges.

If all other things are equal (Qualifications, Marks etc) the Ex-Servicemen candidate will be given preference in the matter of recruitment (Through PSC) to the Government Service.

Preference to Ex-Servicemen 

  • Preference is given to Ex-Servicemen for direct recruitment in the following posts: 
  • Foresters and Forest Guards Grade II in the Forest Department and Second
  • Grade in the Wild Life Department.
  • Amins in the Judicial Department.
  • Security Posts in the Home Guards.
  • Wives of Jawans of Defence forces will be given preference in the matter of recruitment (through PSC) as teacher when all other things are equal

Age Relaxation to Ex-Servicemen/Dependents

State Government- Military Service plus period of unemployment after discharge from the Armed Forces up to a maximum of 5 years.

Central Government- Military Service plus period of unemployment after discharge from the Armed Forces up to a maximum of 3 years. 

Age concessions of 10 years over and above the existing age limits is allowed to relatives an dependents of Jawans killed in action etc. for recruitment through Employment Exchanges

Self Employment 

  • 10% of the stalls and banks in Corporation/Municipalities/ Panchayat area are reserved for Ex-Servicemen for allotment-for re-settlement benefits 
  • High- level action group constituted to facilitate rehabilitation of Ex-servicemen through self-employment 

  • Constitution of State level committee for the implementation of self-employment for Ex-Servicemen (SEMFEX) Scheme. 

Preference in transfer and posting 


  • Transfer of near relative of soldiers to their native places- GO(Rt) No.1517/{Public SS Department) dated 5-6-1963. 

  • Inter District Transfers of near relative of Army Personnel- GO(MS) No.504/Public(Service-B) Department, dated 20-11-1963. GO(Rt) 2302/PD/Public (Political and Military-B) Department dated 1-9-1966. 

  • Ex-Servicemen appointed in the Government Service- Transfer and posting to their native place- GO (MS) No.458/80/GAD dated 30-10-1980 

  • Inter District Transfer to Departments of Serving soldiers and dependents of defence personnel killed in action without loss of their original seniority in the new District- Govt. Circular No.476/Adv.C3/88/P&ARD Tvpm, dated 22-2-1988. 

  • Transfer and posting of Government Employees- preference to Ex-Servicemen- GO(P) No.7/92/P&ARD, dated 21-2-1992. 

General Welfare 

Exemption from property tax (House tax) 

War widows/widower of any Military personnel who died in action and war disabled are exempted from payment of building tax in Panchayat/ Municipality areas 

War widows and war disabled are exempted from payment of house tax (property tax) for 10 years w.e.f the first half of 2000-2001. The parents of (Father/Mother) un-married Jawans killed in action are also eligible. 

Land Assignment 

Under rule 6 of the arable forest land assignment rule 1970, one tenth of the available assignable land in each district is reserved for assignment to disabled Defence personnel and dependents of Defence personnel killed in action and one twentieth is reserved for assignment to Ex-servicemen. The application for the purpose has to be submitted to the concerned Tahsildar in the prescribed form. 

Under rule 11(3) of the Kerala Land Assignment Rules, 10% of the area available for assignment in each village is reserved for assignment to ex-servicemen for cultivation, house site and beneficial enjoyment. 

Preference is given to the Defence personnel and their dependents for allotment of land under the Housing Scheme Viz Land Acquisition and Development Scheme.

Housing Scheme 

Preference is given to the application of Ex-Servicemen for allotment of land under the Housing Scheme, House or house sites are allotted on priority basis by the State Housing Board to Ex-Servicemen on payment of cost. 

Allotment of NGO Quarters 

Preference in allotment of NGO quarters to the wives (NGO) of Jawans who are reported missing and dead, and wives of (NGOs) of Jawan actually stationed in the boarder areas. 

Priority is given in allotment of Government Quarters for re-employed Ex-Servicemen in State Government Service. 


  • GO(Rt) 1388/80/PW dated 17-9-1980. Public Works and Electricity (E) Department.

  • One bed each in all Taluk Hospitals reserved to Ex-servicemen and their dependant. 
  • One bed each in all District Hospitals reserved to Ex-servicemen and their dependants. 

Electric Connection 

Special (out of turn) priority in giving Electric Connection to Ex-Servicemen an dependants of serving personnel died/ killed in action 

Rental Free Telephone Facility 

Full concession in normal rental charges to the Chakra series Gallantry Award Winners. War widows and disabled soldiers are entitled to 50% concession in normal rental charges 

Rail Journey Concessions 

Grant of 75% concession in second/Sleeper class mail/express fares to widows of martyrs of OP Vijaya in Kargil.


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