Dowry Prohibition ACT


              As per the GO (P) No. 47/2004/SWD, dated 07-07-04 Govt. has amended The Kerala Dowry prohibition Act of 1961 by suppressing the existing Kerala Dowry Prohibition Rules 1992.  A dowry prohibition rule has been framed incorporating some of the long standing demands of the National womens commission. Under the amended Rules 3 Regional Dowry Prohibition Officers were posted with independent charge .The Director of Social Welfare is the Chief Dowry Prohibition Officer, to whom the RDPO will report.


The compliance regarding dowry may be filed by the party herself, the parent or a relative ,or any recognized welfare Institution / Organiasation. The RDPO should enquire the petition and record within a month .His approach shall be primarily preventive and remedial. Prosecution may be resorted to only if the parties involved do not comply with his orders with in the stipulated time. The new Rule also stipulate that any compliant regarding the non transfer of dowry to the women who is entitled will also be looked into .All State Govt. employees getting married will hence forth be required to furnish a declaration to the head of the department after marriage, that he had not accepted any dowry. The declaration should have to be signed by wife, father and father in-law. As per Govt notification, filing the declaration is mandatory and has come in to effect as apart of Dowry Prohibition Act.


  To create awareness among the public by organizing camps publicity through information and broadcasting Dept, LSG and other media against dowry and involve local people for prevention of dowry.

  Conduct supervision checks and direct enquiry to ascertain whether there has been any violation of the provision of the Act/ rules.

  Accept complaints for any offence under the Act from the party or person aggrieved or any other persons or organization.

  Maintain registers to record all complaints, enquiries and result thereof and other relevant information.

  Act as member secretary of the Advisory Board.

Mode of implementation

The RDPO will maintain a register for the purpose of this Act, to record all compliance, enquiries and result thereof and other relevant information in this regard. Being the member secretary ,it is his duty to convene the meeting of the Advisory board and he shall maintain regular contact with the members of the Advisory Board for necessary advice and assistance from them He has also to discharge his duty with due care, decorum, privacy and in a manner to uphold the dignity and harmony of family relationship .Every year one specified day would be observed as Dowry Prohibition Day and pledge would be administered to students in schools and colleges that they shall not give or receive dowry. The Dowry prohibition officer shall be responsible for creating awareness to prevent dowry system and with a view to uproot the evil of dowry system.

      As per G.O (R t)No.309/04/SWD dated 12-07-04, Regional dowry prohibition officers were appointed with Independent charge in 3 Regions of Trivandrum ,Ernakulam and Kozhikode. The jurisdiction extends to minimum 4 districts and they have to attend all districts to receive individual complaints and to conduct sittings .At the present set up each petitioner will attend in the Regional offices for filing their grievances and also in hearing. One of the important duties of the RDPO is to keep all presents submitted by the petitioners received at the time of marriage. These valuable materials are to be kept under the safe custody of the RDPO till the disposal of the petition .Moreover RDPO  shall conduct sensitization programmes and create general awareness to the public through the LSG. This type of sensitizing programme should be conducted in panchayath,block and district levels .



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