General Transfer Orders 2008

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Social Welfare department: GO No. 444/2008 dated 01.11.2008 - Award Scheme for CDPO/Supervisor.

General Transfer Orders 2008


        The Department of Social welfare was formed as per order No. GOP No. 223/75/LA and SWD dtd. 09-09-1975 for the implementation of social welfare programmes and services.  The concept of a welfare state pre-supposes careful planning and effective implementation of welfare services for the weaker sections of the community. The Social Welfare Services intend to provide needed care and protection and such other services to women, children, physically &, mentally challenged, destitute, orphans, aged, infirm and the social deviants like children in need of care and protection, children in conflict with law, and young, first time short term offenders The department now attained the status of a major department in terms of its size and service delivery, having grass root level network of institutions like Anganwadi Centers for each 800 population; 57300 field staff and 3524 permanent staff.  About 8 lakhs children and 7 lakhs women are the direct beneficiaries under supplementary nutrition and more than 5 lakhs of children have been registered for non formal pre-school education.  All BPL families, old aged, destitute, disabled and women and children in distress are the direct or indirect beneficiaries of the various schemes implemented by this Department.  The Social Welfare Department is intended to provide Social Security and Social defense services to vulnerable sections of the society.  By providing such services, these poor sections, which would be the worst sufferers and the most neglected, would be enabled to improve their living standard.  Social Welfare Department is the nodal department in implementing various schemes of Government of India in Ministry of Women and Child development.  Apart from this, Social Justice and empowerment schemes of NGOs for the welfare of disabled, destitute, women and children are supported by the Social Welfare Department. 

Objectives of the department

The objective of the Department is the overall Care, protection, welfare, development and rehabilitation of children; women; disabled persons; aged and infirm; child in all difficult circumstances; adolescent girls;  ex-convicts; persons released on probation of good conduct; and mentally cured persons unacceptable by their families.  In addition to this, the Department ensures proper implementation of important social legislations like Juvenile Justice (Care & Protection of Children) Act 2000; Dowry Prohibition Act; Probation of Offender’s Act, Domestic Violence Act etc.


          The vision of the department is to achieve a balanced society by providing right based services to disadvantaged sections of society such as aged, disabled and destitute and socially and morally deprived, to enable them to lead a normal and useful life in the society.

Key purposes

  1. Welfare of Women and Children

  2. Welfare of Handicapped

  3. Protection and care of orphans, destitute and aged

  4. Social Defense including Probation and after care

  5. Adoption services

  6. JJ Services

  7. Promotion of Voluntary sector in Welfare Programmes


Cancer Suraksha fund for Child patients; Flagship Programme for Gender Awareness; Flagship Programme on Finishing School for Women; Domestic Violence Act


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Social Welfare Department

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