New Schemes

Cancer Suraksha fund for Child patients

Cancer, the killer disease is a heavy threat to the mankind. It is considered as incurable disease and many people are succumbed to death. Even the children are pray to the killer. The mental agony and miseries of the unfortunate patients and their families cannot descry in words.

The Medical experts reveal that in case of children, if the cancer disease is detected in the initial phase, it can be cured in most of the cases. It gives hopes for the patients, relatives and society. Since the treatment is not affordable to the BPL families they fail to give effective treatment at the initial period. Hence , Social welfare department is to constitute a Cancer Suraksha Fund for Child Patients of Cancer by giving financial assistance to the RCC/ Govt. Medical C colleges up to Rs.50,000/- on the basis of medical certificate for the eligible families whose annual income should be below Rs. 60,000/- The amount accrued through Government fund and /or sale of stamps may provide as corpus fund and the amount received as interest in a year would be distributed through a committee

Flagship Programme for Gender Awareness

                Despite near total literacy, Little effort has been made to direct literacy towards building up a gender sensitive social environment challenging the survival of feudal- patriarchal attitudes and institutions, which perpetuate violence against women in the state. A sustained campaign, sensitizing the household and the public domain while at  the same time creating awareness in ways that would enable young girls and women to use the provisions of the law to defend themselves against acts of violence and seek remedial measures, is urgently required given the rising incidence of Domestic Violence, Sexual harassment and Dowry demands. This programme aims at over coming gender based discriminations through several measures whose collective impact should be significant. To implement the programme, starting with implementing the provisions to be made for initiating action on the protection of women from Domestic violence Act, 2005, Rs.500 Lakh is provided for 2007-08

        Since there is no separate department as of now to which the funds can be allocated, it is distributed in the following way Rs.500 Lakhs under Social Welfare Department of which Rs. 125 Lakhs is allocated to Kerala State Women Development Corporation and Rs.50.00 Lakhs to  Kerala Womens Commission ; Rs. 15 Lakhs to Kudumbashree and Rs.25 Lakhs to State Women Cell  in the police department. In view of the fact that the project involves a number of agencies, the State Planning Board will co-ordinate the project preparation.

       Flagship programme for gender awareness proposed to be implemented during the current year.

  • Media campaign for gender sensitisation

  • Additional facilities for shelter homes, counseling centres

  • Training to Judicial officer, Public Prosecutors, DYSP’s/CI’s, Station Head officers

  • Training to protection officers, Counselors, Shelter home managers, Medical Officer, Clinical Psychologist, Training to women organizations and Political leaders 

Flagship Programme on Finishing School for Women

                State Government has introduced a new scheme as Flagship programme on Finishing School for women. This Scheme proposes to equip women job seekers to upgrade their skill through ordinal training so as to make them employable. The un employment rate among the youth in Kerala is exceedingly high and this is particularly true among young females. It was 45.8 percent in rural areas ( as against 32.3 percent for young males) and 50.4 percent in urban areas ( as against 26.6 percent young males). On 3,987,035 registered job seekers as on September 2006, on the live register of employment exchanges in Kerala; 58 percent are females. Kerala appears to be caught up in a “high literacy- low skill” trap. A number of women job seekers are forced to take up employment in vocations with very low skills in the service sector. These jobs are extremely low paid, insecure, unstable, informal sector jobs and account for the large , bloated service sector in Kerala. In this context, this flagship program on finishing schools proposes to equip women job seekers to upgrade their skills through additional training so as to make them “employable “. For this purpose, the services of a number of institutions like I T I’s, Engineering colleges, I I T’s, public and private industries etc.. would be used. The Social Welfare Department and the Kerala State Women’s Development Corporation would co-ordinate in implementing the program. An outlay of Rs.200 lakh is provided for the Annual Plan 2007-08. The Outlay for 2007-08 is derived from the flagship allotment of Rs.13 Crores given to Labour and Labour Welfare.

                The following schemes are proposed to be implemented during the current year.

  • Flagship Programme on finishing school for Engineering graduates and ITI and other skill holders

  • Support to distressed educated equip them to seek employment in government sector.

  • Finishing School for inmates in Mahilamandiram and former inmates of welfare institution, disadvantaged group.

Domestic Violence Act

            The protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act. 2005 has been notified by the Central Government and has come into force with effect from October 26, 2006. the Act is basically meant to provide protection to the wife or female live in partner from violence at the hands of the husband of male live-in-partner or his relatives. Domestic violence under the Act includes actual abuse or the threat of abuse, whether physical sexual, verbal emotional or economic. Harassment by way of unlawful dowry demands to the women victim, or her relatives would also be covered under the definition of domestic violence.

       Role and function of the Central/State  Government under the Act has been specified in section 11 of the Act. They are as follows.

  1. To give wide publicity through public media including TV, radio & print media at regular basis.

  2. Periodic sensitization & awareness training on the issues addressed by the Act to the officer including the Police Officers & members of Judicial service.

  3. Effective co-ordination between concerned Minister & Departments.

  4. Publication of protocol for various agencies concerned with the delivery of services.




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