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Survey Adalath

The purpose of Survey Adalath is to rectify the errors/omission of the Re-survey conducted in the state since 1966. The Survey Adalath are conducted in respect of villages where the resurvey records are given effect in the revenue administration. The Service of Survey Adalath is free. There is no prescribed application form. A court stamps of Rs. 1 has to be affixed in every application form. Now Survey Adalath are conducted in two phases. Viz.
(a) 1. One month Adalath 2. One day Adalath.
1. One month Adalath:- One month Adalath is conducted after the implementation of Re-survey records. The Re-survey records are again exhibited in the concerned village offices for a period of one month and complaints received.


The sites in question is first inspected by the Surveyor. If a new sub-division is to be created due to the complaint, the subdivision is measured by the surveyor in field. The entire Survey charges and labour charges are met by Government and petitioners are not liable to pay any charges. The applicants have to provide information such as boundary limits, title deeds etc. at the time of inspection of the field by the surveyors. After the verification and measurement, the surveyor furnishes the information to the Head Surveyor. The Head Surveyor orders the changes in the Re-survey records if there is no new subdivision and the changes are ordered by Superintendent of Survey & Land Records where there is new subdivisions. However changes are effected in respect of lands recorded as Poramboke (Government land) and Nalathu Poramboke, (land used for the public purpose) only by the Assistant Director of Survey and Land Records.

Services Rendered in survey Adalath
(i) To rectify the errors and omissions of the resurvey records.

(ii) To furnish information regarding resurvey records to the landholders

(iii) To issue copies of the resurvey records to the landholders


According to the survey and boundaries act, the boundaries recorded in the finalised records can be altered only according to the orders of the civil court, as contemplated in section 14. But when a number of complaints were received against Re-survey records it was not practicable for all landholders to approach the civil court to redress their grievances. Hence Government ordered to conduct the Survey Adalath in G.O. Rt. 2790/95/RD Dated 26/7/1995

The following types of petitions are not accepted in survey Adalath.

1. Application for effecting changes due to the transactions taken place after the completion of Re-survey. The date of implementation of the records in the revenue administration is treated as the cut of date.
2. Cases of disputes of boundary and ownership.
3. New Sub divisions are measured only when well defined boundaries are available in the field.

One day Adalath:- After completing the disposal of petitions in one month Adalath, staff are deputed to the Village Offices on the first Monday of every month for receiving the petitions against the Re-survey records in the respective village offices. In this case also all the procedure in the one month Adalaths are observed.

Concluding of Adalath:- When the average number of petitions received in the one day Adalath in a village is less than 10 for three consecutive months, one day Adalath is stopped in such villages. But petitions are accepted by the Superintendent of Survey and Land Records even after such period.

Each landholder is liable to maintain the survey stones/marks of his boundaries in his own interest. This will avoid future boundary disputes. When survey marks are found missing they are replaced/repaired at the cost of landowners. Willful destruction/manipulation of Survey marks are punishable under Indian Penal code. Moreover only authorised survey officers of the Government are empowered to use Survey marks with the specifications as per the Survey and Boundaries Rules.

When dispute take place in respect of the boundary surveyed under survey and boundaries act and Rules, such dispute are settled by the Tahsildar by refixation of boundaries by the taluk Surveyor. Application for pointing out boundaries are to be submitted to the respective taluk Tahsildar in form No10. A fee of RS 100/- per boundary line has to re-remitted. The Surveyor visits the site after serving notices to all interested parties and refix the boundary as per the measurements recorded in the finalised Survey records. If the survey stones are provided by the applicants, stones are planted in the disputed boundaries to avoid further disputes. After completing the refixing, the Tahsildar issues notices to all affected parties in the form No13. Any landholder aggrieved by the refixing can file appeal against refixing before the Superintendent of Survey and Land Records of the District concerned. In case of receipt of appeals, the Superintendent of Survey and Land Records again verifies the measurements after issue of notices.

Form of application for Pointing out the boundaries of
registered land already demarcated and surveyed
FORM No. 10





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