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      Functions of the Directorate


                          The Technical Education System in the State functions directly under the Higher Education Department of Government of Kerala. The policy decisions of the Government in the Technical Education sector are carried out with the supervision of the Minister for Education. The Principal Secretary Higher Education, through necessary executive orders implements the scheme in the sector. The Directorate of Technical Education is the Administrative Department facilitating the Government orders. Engineering Colleges, Polytechnics, College of Fine Arts, technical High School, Commercial Institute, Food Craft Institutes etc are the functional units coming under the purview of the Technical Education System in the State. In addition to these, there are also other collaborating units like Industry Institute Interaction Cell, Supervisory Development Centre, State Board of Technical Education and Centre for Curriculum Development.

2. Directorate of Technical Education           

The Directorate of Technical Education at Thiruvananthapuram is having the Administrative Control of its functional units in the State. Two Regional Directorates at Kozhikode and Kothamangalam are also functioning under the Directorate. Now the Department of Technical Education has administrative and financial control over the following institutions.

. Government Engineering Colleges
. Private aided Engineering Colleges
. Government Polytechnics
. Government Women's Polytechnics
. Private Aided Polytechnics
. Fine Arts Colleges
. Supervisory Development Centre
. Government Technical High Schools
. Government Commercial Institutes
. Vocational Training Centres
. Food Craft Institutions
. Food Craft Extension Centre
. REC, Kozhikode

Activities of the Department

· Imparting Technical Education at Doctorate, Post Graduate, Graduate, Diploma and Certificate level through   Government and private technical institutions like Engineering Colleges, Polytechnics, Technical High Schools,   Commercial Institutes, Fine Arts Colleges etc.
· Formulation, implementation and monitoring of plan schemes.
· Sanctioning of salary and other grants to Government and aided institutions.
· Recognising private aided institutions, which are conducting courses with the permission of Government.
· Arranging Apprenticeship Training to the Graduate and diploma holders in Engineering/Technology.
· Selection of teachers for higher studies and various courses under quality improvement programme.
· Conduct of Diploma Examination in all Engineering disciplines and Certificates Examinations in certain   specialized courses.

Functions of the Directorate

.Plan, implement, administer and monitor all activities in the field of Technical Education the State consistent with State and National Policies. 
.Recommend to Government on the basis of proper need analysis the establishment of new Technical Institution. consistent with the norms laid down by All India Council for Technical Education and other concerned Agencies.
.Plan and initiate the introduction of new programmes in existing Technical Institutions based on human resource needs of the State/Nation.
.Prescribe and periodically invaluate and revise curricula for Diploma and Certificate level programmes.
.Ensure the availability of adequate staff and infrastructure in the Institutions.
.Repair the annual budget for Technical Education in the State consistent with the Development priorities.
.Arrange disbursement of funds to various Institutions and ensure their proper utilization.
.Conduct examinations and award Diploma and various.
.Co-ordinate the recruitment and promotions of all categories of Staff and administer their costings and transfers in compliance with the rules.
.Select teachers for higher studies and various courses under Quality Improvement Programme.
.Arrange Apprenticeship Training for the Graduates and Diploma Holders in Engineering.


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