Kerala is an investor-friendly and environment-friendly state, where your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more. The south-western state in the Republic of India, Kerala is also known as God's Own Country. This scenic state is bordered by the Arabian Sea in the west and the majestic Western Ghats in the east. Known for its pleasant climate and unique topography, the lush green landscape punctuated by rivers, backwaters, beaches, and hills, sets it apart from the great Indian landmass.
Being the most advanced society in the country, Kerala with the highest literacy rate in country, highest life expectancy, least population growth, lowest infant mortality, is not surprisingly, has been adopted by the world bodies as a role model for developing countries. The skilled manpower that makes use of the opportunities of the global economy makes Kerala a human resource pool. A variety of quality educational and research institutions ensure an abundant supply of quality manpower, whatever be the sphere of business activity.