Employment Department

The department of Employment provides a platform of interface between stakeholders for responsive transparent and efficient employment service in order to meet skill needs of a dynamic society. It provides gainful employment to all jobseekers in the State of Kerala either through paid employment or self-employment and to provide vocational / educational guidance and other service to the utmost satisfaction of the stake holders.

To ensure the uniformity in the functioning of the Employment Exchanges all over India., the policies and procedure to be adopted in the functional activities of the Employment Exchanges are prescribed at the national level.


The Employment Service is now the joint concern of the Central and State Governments. National Employment Service (Kerala) is under the Administrative control of the Labour Department, Government of Kerala.  Director of Employment, the Head of the Department, has his Head Quarters at Trivandrum.


National Employment Service , Kerala: employmentkerala.gov.in

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  • Registration-Renewal
  • Submission-Placements
  • Employment Market Information
  • Unemployment Allowance
  • Self Employment Scheme
  • CNV Act Implementation
  • Peripatetic Survey Programme
  • Vocational Guidance
  • Educational Guidance
  • Occupational Research
  • Special Assistance to PH
  • Special Assistance to SC ST
  • Employability Centre