Financial Assistance


Swanthwana is a scheme that has been launched for returned NRKs in distress. Financial assistance is provided for four types of assistance to NRKs or his dependent family members under this scheme, as follows:
a) Financial assistance to meet the medical treatment expenses of the NRK or his dependant family members
b) Death assistance to family members of the NRK
c) Marriage expenses of daughter of the NRK returnee
d) To buy artificial limbs, crutches, wheel chair or other aids to overcome the
physical disability. ........Read more
The lower segments of NRKs in Gulf Countries are subjected to various miseries due to their ignorance of labour rules, procedures, culture and language of the foreign countries they go and quite often they remain imprisoned for minor offences. This scheme aims at providing free air tickets to Kerala to such persons released from foreign jails and are not able to afford the tickets and also to persons who are in distress...Read more
NORKA ROOTS Board of Directors wanted to step up the welfare activities of the organization. As a first step it was decided that 10% of the money collected through the Certificate Attestation Centres will be transferred to a separate account called Chairman's Fund, out of which financial assistance will be given to the deserving NRK's with the approval of the board.
Conditions eligible for financial Assistance under Chairman fund:
1. Applicants should have minimum 2 years of stay abroad
2. The annual family income should not exceed Rs. 100,000/-
3. The dependent of the applicant will also be eligible in the scheme.
4. The applicant should not have availed any financial assistance from Santhwana....Read more
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