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1 Transport KRSA- Good Samaritans guidelines - reg. 08/10/2018 View/Download(302 KB)
2 Consumer Affairs Guidelines on Monitoring Mechanism for Regulating Multi-Level Marketing Direct Selling 05/09/2018 View/Download(1180 KB)
3 Health and Family Welfare Comprehensive Primary Health Care Clinical Guidelines. 04/01/2018 View/Download(11871 KB)
4 Social Justice Endosulphan victims - Financial assistant sanctioned - Orders issued. G.O.(Rt)No.101-2015-SJD (Malayalam)       20/02/2015 View/Download(340 KB)
5 Social Justice Nirbhaya-Adv.J.Sandhya- included member of commission for protection of child rights - re-organized executive committee-orders issued. G.O.(Rt)No.766-2015-SJD (Malayalam) 26/12/2014 View/Download(361 KB)
6 Social Justice ICDS project, Sultanbatheri - smt.Sujatha.P-compassionate appointment - anganwadi helper-sanctioned -Orders issued. G.O.(MS) No.685-2014-PD  (Malayalam)   19/11/2014 View/Download(63 KB)
7 Social Justice probation officer gradeI -seniority list published -orders issued. G.O.(Rt)No.03-2015-SJD (Malayalam)      01/05/2014 View/Download(361 KB)
8 Social Justice Operational Guidelines for Financial Assistance for Cochlear Implantation in Children with Hearing Impairment 31/12/2013 View/Download(307 KB)
8 items found, displaying all items