Large Enterprises


KSIDC offers financial assistance and support to medium and large-scale industries in the State including service sectors like tourism, star category hotels, resorts, hospitals, infrastructure projects, etc and where the constitution of assisted unit is in the nature of Private/ Public Ltd Company.


Normally financial assistance is available for projects with an investment of Rs. 200 Lakh and above. KSIDC's term loan assistance is limited to a maximum of Rs. 3500 lakh in a project and it can go up further for single project prior permission from State Government. The definition of the medium and large-scale manufacturing industries, defined by the Central Government is applicable to KSIDC also.


Kerala Financial Corporation (KFC) incorporated under the State Financial Corporations Act of  1951, is a trend setter and path breaker in the field of long term finance, playing a major role in the development and industrialization of Kerala. The Corporation is the first PSU in Kerala and first SFC in India to initiate Corporate Social Responsibility activity. As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, KFC has set up KFC-CARE (Centre for Assistance and Rehabilitation) to rehabilitate and serve the marginalized sections of the community.

Loan schemes Interest Rates

The Corporation would endeavour to extend comprehensive services including term loan, working capital and special schemes that may be required for the benefit of the SME sector. The Interest and principal are to be paid in monthly rests for all schemes. The extent of financing is based on the type of the project and credit rating.

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