Self Employment Schemes

In the present day scenario, placements in the Government sector are decreasing. Self-Employment promotion is the need of the hour. Necessary information is given to entrepreneurs visiting the Employment Exchanges regarding the various Self Employment Schemes implemented in the state like Nehru Rozgar Yojana, Kudumba Sree etc.
Apart from these, there are three Self Employment Promotion Schemes implemented exclusively through the Employment Department. They are:
  • Kerala Self-Employment Scheme for the Registered Unemployed
  • Multi-Purpose Service Centers / Job Clubs)
  • Self-Employment Scheme for the Destitute Women
These Self-Employment Programmes are implemented through the 14 District Employment Exchanges. Special Self-Employment Guidance Units are functioning in two District Employment Exchanges in the State, one at Kollam and the other at Idukki….. Read more
Loans are granted to economically weaker women of general/ forward communities for self employment.Under this scheme, women belonging to the backward classes are provided with the loan for opening or developing a venture.
New Swarnima Scheme is special scheme for women belonging to backward classes and who are living below double the poverty line. The objective of the scheme is to develop self reliance amongst women beneficiaries of the target groups by facilitating easy credit facilities for setting up viable economic activities.
Towards the fulfillment of the overall objectives of empowerment and development of Backward Classes in the country, KSBCDC promises financial assistance on loan basis to eligible beneficiaries.
The concept of micro finance for self-employment loans involves financing for small-scale enterprises either individually or in groups. This scheme is carried out through legally registered NGO/SHGs which consist of up to 20 persons. The group should be homogenous with about 75% of the members belonging to minority community.
Laghu Vyavasaya Yojana (LVY)
The loan shall be granted to women members of scheduled classes as notified by the central government and state government from time to time. The family income of the applicant must be below Rs. 98,000/- p.a in rural areas and Rs. 1,20,000/- p.a in urban areas. Read more
  • Schemes for Forward Classes (Financial Assistance from State Government)
  • Schemes for Backward Classes (Financial Assistance from NBCFDC)
  • New Swarnima Scheme for Women (Special Self-Employment Scheme for Backward Class Women)
  • Education Loan Scheme for Backward Classes
  • Micro Finance Scheme [Loan through NGOs]
  • Loan Schemes For Scheduled Caste (NSFDC Schemes)
  • Micro Credit Finance Scheme (MCF)