Victim Rehabilitation Scheme
In this scheme, compensation shall be given to victims for treatment, housing, destruction of crops, education, income generating activities and rape cases. Victims include dependants (sons/ daughters/ parents/ minor / sisters/ brothers) of victims expired. The annual income of vicitm shall not exceed Rs. 24,000/-.Applicant shall be a native resident of kerala and has to produce income certificate from the village officer.
Treatment shall be in central/state government hospital. However, in deserving cases treatment in private hospitals in rural areas where the facilities of government hospitals are not available shall also be included in the scheme.
Compensation shall be on the basis of the medical certificate issued.No compensation shall be given for road/motor accidents.If the surviving victims are children, the amount of compensation will be deposited in a bank till they acquire maturity. 
Rehabilitation of the Dependents of the Indigent Convicts
The scheme is intended to rehabilitate the dependents of the indigent convicts. It aims to assist/encourage resourceless wives, unemployed and unmarried sons, daughters etc.
Major children if they are students and women having children are included in this scheme. Able bodied single women will not be included in this scheme.
The maximum amount of financial assistance to a family will be Rs.10,000 at a time. This is a loan-linked scheme.
For more information, visit: sjd.kerala.gov.in