Differently Abled Citizens

Persons having any of the disabilities, namely, visual, communication (hearing and/or speech) and locomotor, will be considered physically disabled. More and more people are now convinced that "disabled" is not the right term to describe people who are challenged. Many now prefer using the term "differently abled".
As per the provisions of the Persons with Disability (PWD) Act it means:-
             Low vision
             Leprosy cured persons
             Hearing impairment (deaf and hard of hearing)
             Locomotor Disability
             Intellectual Disability
             Mental illness
             Autism Spectrum Disorder
             Cerebral Palsy
             Muscular Dystrophy
             Chronic Neurological Conditions
             Specific Learning Disabilities
             Multiple Sclerosis
             Speech and Language disability
             Sickle Cell disease
             Multiple Disabilities including deaf blindness
             Acid Attack victim
             Parkinson's disease
For more information, visit: sjd.kerala.gov.in