With an aim to tap the potential of the youth, Yuvasakthi, a project initiated by the Kerala Youth Welfare Board. The new project, being implemented in association with local self-governments will institute coordination committees at the panchayat and municipality level. Hundred village panchayats and five municipalities of the district would be benefited from the scheme. This project would help to strengthen government aided youth activities under various local self- government bodies, according to officials.
The main objective of this scheme is to channelize ‘Youth resources for Rural Development'. There are thousands of Rural Youth who are willing to do any service on a voluntary   basis. The 152 blocks in the State can be chosen for mobilizing these invaluable Youth resources and the Block Youth Co-coordinator will be entrusted the responsibility of each block Youth Community.Fifty dedicated Youth Volunteers will be selected at each block and they will be provided with a two-day intensive training on disaster management, first aid, community work, etc. These volunteers will be provided with a Resource Kit and an identity Card. Thus the service of 7,600 Trained Youth Volunteers can be ensured throughout the State. The service of these Rural Social animators will be a great blessing in time of natural calamities, unexpected accidents, riots, etc.
Although the experiences of young people in industrialized and developing countries are very different, they share common concerns about their future when it comes to finding decent and meaningful employment. With many of the world's major economies slowing in growth, this is an increasing concern. UN official report states, "Youth make up more than 40 percent of the world's total unemployed. There are an estimated 66 million unemployed young people in the world today – an increase of nearly 10 million since 1965".
In India the situation of youth is the same as any other developing country. The social un-rest due to unemployment make things worst. In Kerala the ratio of unemployed youth is going up. The Kerala State Youth Welfare Board's youth employment training scheme aims at providing training to un-employed youths of the state. It is for promoting self-employment. A large number of youth have been given training in the fields like Carpentry, Masonry, Bee-keeping, Electrical and Electronics equipment maintenance, etc. which help them to find jobs in their villages itself.
Awareness is an important area in which the Youth can contribute. There are several ongoing programmes initiated by the UN Agencies, International Organizations and Government Departments. The Youth Clubs will have to play a vital role in organizing and implementing various Awareness Programmes, Environmental Awareness, Social Forestry Programmes and formation of Nature Clubs at local levels.
Alcoholism, Drug Abuse and other forms of addiction are increasing in alarming proportion in our state causing serious threat to our future. Young people have become the largest hostage of this menace and their vulnerability is increasing day by day. As a responsible board dealing with the youth, Substance Abuse Prevention is a new area, which needs greater focus and attention. The board has decided to further launch a state-wide intensive "Campaign Against Substance Abuse" with the co-operation of UN Agencies, Government departments and other voluntary organizations.
HIV/AIDS is another area of global concern. According to estimates, this epidemic is spreading widely in India. Several steps have been taken by the government and huge funds are being diverted for the prevention and awareness of HIV/AIDS. As Youth Welfare Board envisages a network of action through the State/District Youth Centres, besides Youth Clubs at grass root levels, it can function effectively in combating this dreadful disease. The Activities will be done in collaboration with National AIDS Control Organization (NACO), UNAIDS, State AIDS Cell and other Voluntary Organizations.
Kerala State Youth Welfare provide sports kits for affiliated youth clubs in each year.